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The Best Templates for Your Twitter Posts

By Katie Acheff | Inspiration

Social media moves fast, and to catch the eye of those in the infinite scroll you need imagery that really stands out from the crowd. With over 200 million daily users, Twitter is more popular than ever for advertising. Using the right templates, you can quickly and easily create posts that will stop viewers in their tracks and encourage them to engage with your content and gain more followers on your account. Whether it’s a like, retweet, or comment thread, the scope of a popular Twitter post can reach thousands or even millions of users at a time!

BeFunky has Twitter post templates ready to promote anything from individual brands, artists, musicians, personal blog projects, and small businesses, so you can create engaging Twitter posts for any occasion. Read along to see a few examples of how different types of businesses are utilizing BeFunky’s vast template selection.

For Online Content Creators

Having an accessible web presence has never been more important! As a content creator, you may be hosting live-streaming events, promoting your latest video, or trying to get viewers to visit your blog or channel. Promoting this on Twitter is a great way to increase your followers and get more eyes on your content. 

livestream twitter post template

Because these templates are fully customizable, you can save different versions of your posts that reflect the type of content you’re promoting. Save as a project to keep your template editable and swap out layers whenever you want. This creates a cohesive look to promote your brand as you continue to add new content.

For Small Business Owners

If you’ve started your own business you know that having a strong social media presence is a must for getting traffic into your stores. With so many retail stores and small business owners moving to an online-only format, you’ll want to have plenty of social media content in your repertoire to keep your business’ name in the heads of your customers. 

shop twitter post template

Use Twitter posts to make announcements, promote sales, show off new arrivals, or just bring focus to some of your best-selling or favorite products. You can even import your logo to easily customize a template to reflect your brand’s visual identity. 

For Food Bloggers

Having a great food blog means having stand-out imagery to go along with it! Our Twitter post templates have plenty of options to promote new recipes and entice your followers to head over to your website and try one for themselves. Maybe you’re focusing on specific dietary restrictions like vegan or gluten-free, or maybe you’re just exploring different cuisines that you want to make look as appetizing as possible. 

restaurant twitter post template

These templates are photo-forward to give your food photos the most real estate they can get within a Twitter post. Once you’ve made one, you can simply swap out photos in these customizable templates so they’re ready to use any time you create a new recipe you want to share.

For Photographers

Whether your specialty lies in weddings, senior portraits, events, or anything in between, photographers obviously rely on powerful, striking images to entice new clients. Pick favorites from your portfolio and simply drag-and-drop them into our photographer-focused Twitter post templates to show off your best work and reach new followers. 

wedding twitter post template

If you’re a versatile photographer with many different subject types, you can even make multiple posts to showcase your different talents! Fill one with your best wedding images, do a second one with just headshots, and a third for editorial or lifestyle shots. No need to stop there! These templates are so easy to customize that you can pull any photo you want into BeFunky and swap them out whenever you want to promote a certain body of work. 

For Beauty Influencers

To have a successful presence in the beauty blogosphere, you have multiple aspects to focus on. First is showing off the products you’re using, and next is showing your viewers how you get amazing results! Maybe you’re sharing tips and tricks, showing off your latest makeup haul, hosting a giveaway, or debuting a cutting-edge look to your subscribers, you’ll have a variety of Twitter post templates at your disposal. 

makeup twitter post template

All you have to do is bring your own images or screenshots into BeFunky, add a logo, drag and drop your images into the templates, then save and upload. Having pre-made, expertly designed, and ready-to-use templates make promoting your latest content a breeze.

Start Customizing Your Own Twitter Posts!

These are just a handful of examples of how to best utilize BeFunky’s totally customizable Twitter post templates. Get started by heading to the Twitter Templates section of the Graphic Designer. then opening the Social Media section of the template selector. You’ll see a Twitter Posts menu that houses dozens of ready-made templates you can use to promote your business and make your social media presence stand out! When you’re ready to share, you can even save your posts directly to Twitter and show off your best work! 

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