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5 Ways to Say More With Your Twitter Header

By Jack S | Inspiration

Twitter limits its users’ tweets to 280 characters, and their bios to 160 characters. But they also allow 750,000 pixels worth of expression in a profile header. When characters are a scarce commodity, it is important to compensate by maximizing value from the Twitter header image. If picking the perfect image that represents all your tweets and everything you stand for seems stressful, stay calm. Here are five ways to fit a magnitude of bonus content into your picture:

1. Express Larger-Than-Twitter Passions

Not every tweet can be a profound representation of your self-identity. It is easy to stray when providing commentary and worldly observations. For users that are viewing your profile as a whole, a header that conveys your passions will them know what you’re all about – even if the first tweet they see is something obscure or not "on brand." For example, if you're a fan of tigers, why not create a swarm of them with help from our Cutout tool? Anyone who visits your profile will get the message – loud and clear.

passions twitter header

2. Share Your Favorite Words

As a writer, Twitter’s inability to pin all of your best work to the top of your profile is probably an issue. Luckily, your header can be used as a display for some of your favorite words. A particularly captivating movie review, short anecdote, or poem can be preserved for all to see . . . at least until the next one comes along. And because your header doesn’t need to comply with character limitations, you can write to your heart’s content (as long as it’s still legible). 

personal quote twitter header

3. Create Visuals for Your Announcements

A big announcement shouldn’t be crammed into 280 characters or less. Aside from getting people excited, you need to include important information – such as the time, date, or place of your event. So why not share your announcement loud and clear as a Twitter header? Whether it’s a wedding date, album drop, or birthday party – it can fin its spotlight emblazoned at the top of your profile page. This way, you don’t need to sacrifice your precious tweet pin to get the word out. 

Big logo header

4. Think Bigger and Bolder

Combat Twitter’s restrictive limitations and minimalist interface by creating a header of massive proportions. A company logo can be blown up in size and incorporated with one of our Twitter header templates to bring attention to your brand. A family crest could show off your background in a special way. If you are an artist, a collage of your best works might be just what your Twitter profile needs to greet visitors. If nothing else, try something wild and wacky for a profile that people are unlikely to forget.

big and bold twitter header

5. Set the Mood

If your Twitter profile page is meant to evoke a mood, you should focus your attention on visuals, more than text. For example, if you are scientist, tweeting about outer space is cool – but an image of the stars as your header evokes a balance of scientific mystery and wondrous beauty that draws followers in. So, using a scene of the stars as your header can covey that easily. As a twist, show off your love for the unknown by adding a splash of alien technology to the landscape of a different planet with our Cutout tool. With BeFunky, it's easy to set the mood with imagery alone!

atmosphere header

Say More With Your Twitter Header

Twitter found success in its micro-blog format, but as the platform evolved, its design has proven to be limiting for some users. Even so, it’s one of the best ways to connect with others, share news, and promote yourself or your business. To maximize the potential of your profile, use our Twitter header templates and create your own. Utilize that extra space to really express yourself!

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