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System Of Strength Takes Fitness To A Funky New Level

By Whitney | Case Studies

It all started with two fitness-minded friends and a yearning for a fitness studio where more than one style of workout is offered. That desire led Gretchen Dusseau and Keri Croft to become co-owners of System of Strength, a series of life-changing classes designed to give the body strength, stretch, and cardio. Each class pushes members outside of their comfort zones for a full 60 minutes, and because change isn’t comfortable, produces quick and efficient results. Gretchen gives us a closer look at the System: 

“System Of Strength is about motivation, effort and surprising yourself with your own strength. It's a community of people who don't try and be better than the person next to them, rather they try and be better than the person they were yesterday.” 

To capture all the momentum that happens in System of Strength classes, Gretchen uses the BeFunky Photo Editor and Mobile App to edit action shots to perfection. She has gotten so handy with the Mobile App that she can take a photo, add effects and text, and post it to Twitter or Instagram before the class even ends.

“The effects turn an amazing photo into an incredible photo. The photos stand out more than the basic Instagram effects, because BeFunky offers a much wider variety of creative effects, which in turn makes our social media stand out more. I can take one photo and make it look completely different in over 100 ways, which keeps our photos always new and different and interesting.”
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Gretchen loves the extensive variety of effects that the Photo Editor offers to add intensity to photos. She’s a big fan of using shadow and light manipulation, and filters like Tin Type, Vintage, and Chromatic to capture the essence of the photos.

“The photos we take of our members and our trainers in classes need to express their effort, their strength, & their exhaustion. These photos are used to motivate and inspire and evoke emotion. When I use BeFunky's Photo Editor it helps us create that emotion, with the right feature and exposure setting you can highlight the definition in someone's arm and the sweat dripping from their face.”

From fitness classes to nutrition programs, Gretchen and Keri are using their business to change lives and help their community thrive. As the co-owner of this dynamic business, Gretchen has found the BeFunky Creative Platform useful to motivate current members and interest others in becoming members. She even uses and recommends BeFunky for everyday photos:

“I recommend BeFunky to not only my friends, for their family & every day photos, but I definitely recommend it to businesses that are looking to stand out in their marketing and social media.”

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