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Wedding Trends: Then And Now

By Whitney | Inspiration

Through the years, wedding tradition has been defined and maintained. Think about the whole “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition. Or the traditional wedding vows (“with this ring, I thee wed..”). They were once trends that became tradition— someone came up with an idea and it caught on. But while some wedding trends repeat themselves, others are meant to die.

These days, weddings are less about holding to tradition and more about personalizing things, and I like it that way. It’s still fun to look at weddings of the past and see what they were like, sometimes even stealing some inspiration along the way. Here’s a little glimpse into wedding trends of old (tacky photos ahead!) compared to present day (spare the tacky and go glam thanks to the BeFunky Photo Editor).

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The Bride and Groom Photo

Then: In the late 1800’s, photographs were rare and considered a luxury. Here, the bride and groom are barely smiling, probably because of how long the exposure time was back then. It took around 15 minutes to snap the photo!


Now: Photos are a part of everyday life, and an expected part of a wedding. Because photographs can be taken in an instant, simply edited, and shared, you can expect hundreds of photographs to remember your Big Day. There’s a lot more personalization involved too.


The Cake

Then: Tiered wedding cakes began in the early 1900’s. The tiers between each layer represented prosperity, and the white frosting represented purity.


Now: Your wedding cake can be whatever color and shape you want. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be a cake anymore. You could have pie, cupcakes, or even a pile of doughnuts. The sky is the limit.


The Wedding Dress:

Then: In the 70’s and 80’s, wedding dresses were all about those high necklines and puffy sleeves. They usually had a long train and long sleeves, and looked very much the same.


Now: Strapless, backless, lace, vintage beaded, mermaid style, even mid-length.. whatever fits your body type and personality is on trend.


The Rings:

Then: In the early 1900’s and before, diamonds were for royalty. If you were like most people, who simply couldn’t afford a diamond, both wedding rings were a simple band, sometimes with words engraved on the inside.


Now: Diamonds are still expensive, but love makes a way. It’s all about the bling. But once again, the cut of the diamond and style of the ring is all about personality. Or whatever your fiance chooses for you.


Wedding Hair

Then: In the 1950’s - 1980’s, it was all about those accessories, baby. And lots of ringlets if your hair could jive with it. Veils were traditionally worn.


Now: Flower crowns and hair any color of the rainbow. Again, whatever showcases your personality.


The Guestbook

Then: Guestbooks were originally used to testify the reality of a marriage. Everyone in attendance signed their name on the line.


Now: Photobooks are super popular for weddings. Your guests take a photo, tape it into a book and sign a message next to it.


The Reception:

Then: Up until the 1990’s (and even still today), everything was matchy-matchy and very formal. Guests were served by wait staff.


Now: Family-style is more of a trend for wedding receptions. Guests serve themselves.



Then: In the 1920’s, big bands played your wedding reception. If you couldn’t afford a big band, some other form of live music was played for people to dance.


Now: Music at a wedding reception is typically played by some sort of DJ, even if it’s DJ MacBook.


The Grand Exit

Then: Pelting the newleyweds with rice on their way out was a sign of prosperity, fertility, and good fortune.


Now: Sparklers are a huge trend for weddings of today. They make for great photographs and are used to light the path for the lovebirds.


The Getaway:

Then: Cans were tied to the back of whatever car you owned. The couple would sit in the back and have a friend drive them off.


Now: Renting a snazzy vehicle for the getaway car is the norm. If you really want to make a scene, you’ll rent something totally ridiculous like this stretch Hummer limousine.


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