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11 Travel Photos That Will Spark Your Wanderlust

By Yume Delegato | Inspiration

As winter begins to loosen its icy grip on the Northern Hemisphere, many minds turn to thoughts of travel—exotic beaches, far-flung destinations, and scenic vistas. Whether you're getting ready to go on Spring Break or planning your Summer Vacation, here are some of my favorite wanderlust-inducing photos from BeFunky's Explore Gallery

1. Hit the Road


There is no greater siren song than the call of the open road.

2. Get off the grid

Halong Bay

While not all of us can visit Halong Bay, it's not a bad idea to get off the grid once in a while.

3. Go the Beach


Whether it's the white sands of Australia or windy Oregon Coast, it's not really a proper summer (or spring break) unless you've hit the beach at least once.

4. Feel The Sand Beneath Your Toes


That's why you went to the beach in the first place, isn't it?

5. See Old Sights


6. See New Sights


It might be too late to go to Carnival this year, but it's never too late to visit a new locale.

7. See Old Sights From New Angles

Eiffel Tower

If you can find an interesting way to take photos of a well-known landmark, mad props to you.

8. Visit Far Off Places


Granted, if you're from Russia, this isn't a far off place. But if you know what I mean.

9. Get Out In Nature


I have no idea where this is, but I want to go there.

10. Cross Bridges


Literally or metaphorically. Your choice.

11. Watch a Sunset


And while you do, you can plan your next adventure.

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