With thousands of online photo editing or photo effects softwares and application in the cyberspace, it is tough to decide on which one to stick to. However, there are only a countable few that gives you the "wow" effect. One such online application is BeFunky. 'twas not a long ago I came across this magical application, but it changed my whole perspective as to how we can manipulate photographs and turn them into something amazing.

Well, I had been to the cowtown Rodeo and had some shots of the live action. The photographs were amazing, however, I wanted to give a rustic look to one of those, so I was googling for some photo applications online so that I could turn the photographic more rustic. When it comes to cowtown or the Rodeo, the first thing that comes to mind is "that" rustiness, so I was trying to give that feel to the photograph so that I could please my customer who is a die-hard Rodeo fan and who wanted the look to match the colors of his interiors.

A rodeo scene by Nirmal

I chose the charcoal option because I knew from the sketches that I used to make as a kid that it would give me the intended look.

Rodeo /w Charcoal #2

The resulting image had a color that resembled rust which perfectly matched my customer's interiors while it also matched the rust that was visible in parts of cowtown which had some old metal pieces, especially the buggy and the vehicles that were used to transport horses. The horses and the man on the picture were all shades of brown and black, however, the motion was still visible.

Photo Editing. Simplified