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Rescuing Bad Photos With A Few Easy Edits!

By Peter Latriano | Inspiration

The sun rises over the mountain, setting the sky aflame in pinks and yellows. You finally take a photo-worthy of being a profile pic. You see the Portland Unipiper cruising by on his unicycle, playing the bagpipes, and wearing a Darth Vader mask. Sometimes life brings you unexpected moments, and you only have one opportunity to capture them.

For when those pictures don’t come out perfect, BeFunky is here to help. With a wide range of editing tools, we make it possible to save any picture. Even if the lighting isn’t quite right or the focus is lacking, we help to recreate your moments exactly as you remember them.

Perfectly Focused

Sharpen Tool

At BeFunky, we can help to make your pictures as vivid as your memories. Use our Sharpen Tool to highlight the details. Take advantage of our blur tool to create depth of field. Make use of our smoothing techniques to create a dream-like effect. Soften harsh light with an adjustable meter. No matter your desired effect, we make it possible to rescue and improve any photo.

Instant Enhancement

Beautify Before After

Our Beautify feature is the easiest way to improve your photos. Simply adjust the beauty meter, and watch your pictures transform. It will immediately balance color and saturation, sharpen focus and remove red eye. It also allows you to get more detailed, and only work on the areas that need it with an adjustable brush.


Before After Touch Up

Sometimes pictures get washed out. Red eye might plague you. And other days, you just don’t look so great. That’s why we offer Touch Up Tools that help you to always appear your best. It’s your cure for fixing those demon eyes, erasing blemishes and whitening your teeth. Or take it a step further, and use our digital makeup kit to add lipstick, bronzer and blush.

The Right Light

Rescue Bad Photos

When exposure is just right, you get a beautiful photograph. Unfortunately, that isn’t always easy to do. For when the photo snapping conditions aren’t picture perfect, BeFunky helps by allowing you to adjust light. Take control of brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows and fill light to save any snapshot.

Colors That Pop

Colors Pop

Everything looks better in black and white, right? Turn down the saturation in your photo, and instantly give it a classic makeover. Looking a little dull? Adjust the hue, and make the colors in your picture pop. Wanna heat things up? Use the temperature gauge to add warmth, or if you prefer cool things down.

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