We’ll admit it. While BeFunky’s creative platforms are filled-to-the-brim with awesome features and designs, our frames tab was kind of lacking in variety.When we gave our Photo Editor a makeover recently, we decided to make this a thing of the past, so enlisted our trusty graphic designers to add the razzle-dazzle it needed.

In fact, they totally reimagined the Frames section, creating a huge new library of options for adding frames to photos. Now, you can take your treasured photos to new heights with our wide range of fun and funky new frames. From vintage and polaroid to decorative, realistic and everything in between - we certainly have a frame to suit everyone! Here are just a few of our favorite frames:

Vintage Frames

Whether you pair it with a Vintage photo effect or not, the Vintage Frames are perfect for giving your photo all the retro feels.

vintage frame for photos by BeFunky

Instant Frames

Along the same lines as vintage, adding an Instant frame will give your photo that nostalgic look.

add polaroid frame to photos by BeFunky

We’ve seen this specific frame used to create Polaroid photo coasters and they also make wonderful additions to your scrapbook. Use the Text tool to add a caption to the bottom, just like a real Polaroid photo (the Permanent Marker font works great for this!).

Lace Frames

Give your photo a soft yet rustic look with some lace embellishments. These are perfect for your wedding photos or your latest fashion photoshoot.

Lace frame for photography by BeFunky

Rustic Frames

Speaking of rustic, there are plenty of new frames in the Rustic category that incorporate fun graphics. These are perfect for making blog title images stand out!

how to create unique blog image titles in BeFunky

Hand Drawn Frames

For adding artistic flourishes, we recommend the Hand Drawn Frames. They’ll give your photos the perfect pop of personality, and you can even add more than one frame! The one below is a combination of Hand Drawn 1 and Hand Drawn 8.

hand drawn photo frames by BeFunky

These are just a handful of the huge library of frame options you have in BeFunky! Take a look at all the categories to find that perfect frame for your photo. In the meantime, here are our best tips for adding photo frames:

How To Add Frames To Photos

Adding a frame to your treasured photos is both easy and fun. In the Photo Editor, begin by uploading your photo. You can upload by finding your file in the Open tab at the top of the screen, or simply drag-and-drop your image right into the Photo Editor’s interface. Too easy!

Once uploaded, simply navigate to the Frames tab in the left-hand menu (it’s the 6th option down).  This will show you the wide selection of Frames you have to choose from, offering a variety of categories and designs to suit every type of project.

online photo frames in BeFunky

To familiarize yourself with each design and see how it looks on your photo, just click on the desired frame. You’ll be able to preview each frame on your photo just by clicking on them. When you have selected a frame, you’ll also notice three circular buttons appear as a menu, along with a slider. Adjusting the slider to the left or right lets you reposition your photo within the frame. While the red cross and green checkmark buttons are pretty self-explanatory, the Settings button (the mixing board icon) gives you a whole array of options to further customize your frame.

custom photo frames in BeFunky

In the Settings menu, you’ll notice 4 main elements: Position, Orientation, Tilt, and Background Color. The Position slider is the same as the slider bar mentioned previously – it lets you reposition your photo in the frame. Orientation, on the other hand, gives you additional options to either Rotate or Flip the orientation of your frame. This is a handy feature for turning your framed photo from landscape orientation to portrait orientation (or vice-versa). Additionally, rotating or flipping your frame’s design can further customize its appearance.

how to add a custom photo frame to photos in BeFunky

The third feature, Tilt, let’s you do just that! By moving the slider back and forth, you’re able to tilt your photo and its frame to the left and right.

polaroid photo frames in BeFunky

Finally, the Background Color option lets you customize the color of your frame (if applicable to your chosen design). You can either select your desired hue from the color swatch or use the Eye Dropper tool to select a shade already existing in your photo. But wait, there’s more! The new and improved Photo Editor also allows users to type in the Hex Color Code if you have a  super specific shade in mind. It’s that easy! Once you’re happy with your frame customizations, it’s time to apply to them to your project. To do so, just click the blue button with the checkmark on it.

how to customize a frame for photos in BeFunky

Now that your frame is perfectly in place, all that’s left to do is to save your photo, so you can admire those treasured memories for years to come. You’ll find the Save feature at the top of your screen, which drops down to give you multiple destinations in which to save your photo, including your Computer, Google Drive, or various social media platforms. You can even select Save as Project in case you wish to come back and edit your photo at a later date.

There you have it! Wasn’t that fun? Now that you know just how easy adding and customizing a frame in BeFunky’s Photo Editor is, there’s no stopping your creative prowess!

add frames to photos in BeFunky

Now you can post your frame-worthy photo on your blog and social media - or why not print it out and put it in a real photo frame for a little inception? Thanks to BeFunky’s Photo Editor, there’s no end to where your creativity can take you!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified