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Phil Bearce / Singer, Songwriter

By Derric | Case Studies

Phil is an architectural designer and a singer/songwriter living in SF Bay Area. He started playing music back in high school, but started writing songs about 10 years ago. He uses BeFunky to promote his music.

Head, Glasses, Accessories, Accessory, Person, Human

- I guess you could classify my music as acoustic rock, although there are so many other influences that shape my sound. There are elements of jazz, rock, blues, new age, and country as well.

Modern Art, Art, Bonfire, Fire, Flame, Painting
Person, Human, Head, Outer Space, Universe, Space

- My latest CD Phylosophy (with the BeFunky image on the cover) is a collection of instrumental tunes where I play acoustic and electric guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, harmonica, keyboards, percussion, bass, and loops. It was recorded in my home studio. I use BeFunky to promote my music.

Sea, Ocean, Outdoors, Water, Nature, Vehicle

- I first looked to it as a way for me to utilize effects that I can usually do in Photoshop when I’m not near my home computer. I’m planning on redesigning my website soon and I’ll definitely use BeFunky to create images for that.

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