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Our Top 5 Favorite Tutorials

By BeFunky | Inspiration

We’ve got a mission here at BeFunky: a mission to make photography more accessible to everyone. We’re big believers in the idea that you shouldn’t need to buy expensive, complicated software to be able to create dazzling photos; that anyone should be able to create art.

To show you just how committed we are to this mission, we’ve put together this list of our top 5 favorite tutorials of all time to show you some of the amazing stuff you can whip up with BeFunky. So whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to master your game or a casual blogger dreaming of beautifying your blog, here are some of our favorite creative tutorials, made with love, just for you:

5. Using BeFunky to Make a Twitter Header

Because really, who needs dull, stretched out stock images hanging out on your Twitter page? Say no to blah and yes to ahhh as our girl Stephanie Campisi gives us the 411 on how to create your very own custom Twitter Header—all in signature BeFunky style, of course.


4. Make Your Own Summer Barbecue Invitation

Let’s face it: we all know what summer is really all about. When you say summer, we think hot dogs and ice cream, beaches, sun, embarrassing family photos and the quintessential BBQ. It’s a staple we just can’t live without—which is exactly why we’ve got a handy dandy tutorial on how to make your own BBQ invites. No trip to Kinko’s or postage necessary: just click and design.

The polaroid-style BeFunky summer barbecue invitation with text and graphics.

3. DIY Polaroid Tutorial

I love Polaroid cameras, but what I don’t love about them is their crazy price range. With your average Polaroid camera ranging from $70 bucks to a crazy insane $300 (yikes), it’s just not feasible to drop a couple of hundred dollars just for a weathered looking frame here and there.

Luckily, we’ve found a way to hack your life so that you never need to drop crazy big paycheck money to snag the shot of your dreams ever again. This tutorial will walk you through creating a gorgeous Polaroid effect photo from scratch with the online BeFunky photo editor, so whether you’re whipping one up for fun or looking for how to turn your Polaroid into a magical gift from the heart, there’s a little something for everybody to enjoy.


2. How to Make a Dazzling Postcard in Just 3 Easy Steps

Whether you’ve just come back from a holiday or you’re dreaming of your next vacation, making your own postcards is a beautiful way to not only preserve memories of your trip and keep friends and family in the loop, but they’re great for travel bloggers to show off their adventures with, too. Learn how to transform the most ordinary photos and turn them into something extraordinary—all done in just 3 easy steps.


1. How to Create an Epic Branded Logo

We all know that successful bloggers today are so much more than just savvy writers. To keep up with demand in an increasingly saturated market, they’re somehow expected to be photographers, publicists, graphic designers and social media wizards, too.

So what’s a girl to do if you’re dreaming of design but don’t have the art school training or fancy equipment?

BeFunky to the rescue! Whether you’re looking to create a stunning logo, an adorable Favicon or even dynamic cover art, BeFunky lets you can hack your way to a graphic designer without having to pay for all that fancy art school training.


Art is meant to be played with after all, don't you think?

So much creativity, so little time! What are some of your favorite creative projects you use BeFunky for? Show us what creative genius you've got up your sleeve today:

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified