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Say ‘Hello’ To The New And Improved BeFunky.

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We're going big on this update! We stripped the app down and totally rebuilt it with you in mind. We know that most photos are edited with 2-3 apps, so we decided to simplify your mobile photo editing process and put the effects and features of 5 apps into BeFunky.

The most obvious change is in the design. Updated color palate, new icons, bigger buttons, improved organization, and a whole lot more!

photo editor, collage maker, photo effects, befunky

In this update we also introduced a new feature called Overlays, these are shapes and patterns you can overlay onto your photo for emphasis or just because (who needs a reason to have fun, anyway?) I'll go more into how to use these in an upcoming post, here's what they look like:

overlays, masks, photo editor, collage maker, photo effects, befunky

We also added a ton of new, one-of-a-kind Goodies and Stickers. We know they're totally unique and only available at BeFunky because we hand draw them! I'll tell more about these in another post, here's a couple samples for you:

Stickers, befunky, photo editor, collage maker, photo effects

Those are the new additions, we also made some huge improvements to our already existing arsenal of awesome effects in this update. Our Collage Maker works magnificently with our Photo Editor, we made our Touch Ups and Paint Mode much easier to use, simplified the Text Editor, streamlined organizing your favorite filters/frames, more precise touch gestures, speed and memory improvements (you can't see these but you sure will notice how fast your photos load and your effects apply), and tons more!!

We did NOT remove a single thing from BeFunky, nor did we change the amount of creative control you have over your photos! If you're having trouble finding your favorite effect or using one of our new features, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We're always happy to help you get the most out of BeFunky!

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