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30 Amazing Nail Art Designs

By Derric | Inspiration

Nail Art. It's a thing that people are doing... And it's super popular!!

Start off with something simple and modest...

Then work your way up to something amazingly detailed and intricate


Maybe you want to show off your love of music

Or your favorite band...


Coordinate your nails with your food...


Or just make them look like food

Put a bird on it.


Or a cow


Make everyone think your fingers are bees

Or ladybugs :)


Dots look pretty cool

Dress up the dots with bows

Or hearts

Maybe you just want hearts

Or a cool pattern

Celebrate the 80's with leopard print

Take your fingers on a moustache ride

Maybe skulls are more your thing

Show love for your favorite TV character


Or are movies more your thing?

Maybe you're a gamer

A writer

A fashionista

A traveler

That longs to be somewhere tropical


Make sure you show everyone your holiday spirit

Or maybe you just want some super sweet talons.

Whatever your style, find inspiration in the BeFunky Style Channel!
Stay Funky :)

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