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The Sweetest Gift For Mom: Mother’s Day Card DIY

By BeFunky | Inspiration

What do you get someone who has given you everything? That's how many of us feel every time we get close to Mother's Day, and as cliché as it sounds, a beautiful card with sweet words sometimes is the best gift to let your Mom know how special she is to you.

We made it super easy for you to create a lovely card for your Mom, all you need is a beautiful photo of the both of you. Choose one of our Mother's Day Cards Templates from our Collage Maker and with some personal touches, you can create a beautiful Mother's Day Card worthy of her fridge!

Mother Day Card Tutorial

1- Open The Collage Maker

Mothers Day Card 2

2- Choose Your Greeting Card

Mothers Day Card 3

3- Upload Your Photo

Mothers Day Card 4

4- Add Your Special Message With Our Text Tool

Mothers Day Card 5

BeFunky Pro Tip: Hold Shift when resizing your text to keep it straight.

5- Add A Pattern To Bind Your Colors & Composition

Mothers Day Card 6

6- Lastly, Select From The Tons Of Hand-Dran Mother's Day Graphics!

Mothers Day Card 8

BeFunky Pro Tip: You can copy and paste the color code to choose the EXACT color, on the Color Picker.

7- Once you’re done creating your card, save it... and don’t forget to give it to your mom!

Mothers Day Card 9

Now You Can Create Your Own
Mother's Day Card!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified