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More Burlesque Love: A Behind-The-Scenes Look

By Lisa Shalom | Inspiration

The burlesque scene is thriving these days and I've been very fortunate to be a part of the Sicilian behind-the-scenes crew in Italy.

There's so much more to burlesque than parody, nudity, laughter, and entertainment.  There's the traveling, rehearsals, hand made costumes, and of course, the brilliant actors that bring the entire thing together while making it all seem so effortless.  The lighting and makeup has to be perfect, and there's also the chemistry between the actors and the audience.  Oh, and did I mention all the sexy??

As a follow up to my original post "Burlesque: Behind-the-Scenes", I've shot a few more burlesque shows lately and have chosen my top ten favorite photos to share with you.  I hope you enjoy!

_MG_6939 [1600x1200]
_MG_7388 [1600x1200]
_MG_7426 [1600x1200]
_MG_7747 [1600x1200]
_MG_7547 [1600x1200]
_MG_7613 [1600x1200]
_MG_7705 [1600x1200]
_MG_7787 [1600x1200]
_MG_7622 [1600x1200]
_MG_7719-2 [1600x1200]

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