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4 Movies That Prove Love Sucks

By Karmen Fox | Inspiration

I Give Up On Love Movies

We’re not going to candy-coat it: LOVE SUCKS. At least movies about love do. I dare you to tell me that after reading all those Valentine's Day Cards you don't want to eat your weight in chocolate. Am I right?

For those Valentine’s Day haters out there, we rounded up the sappiest flicks that prove love’s not as sweet as Hollywood makes it out to be.

1. Grease (1978)

Oh, Sandy and Danny — you hurt us real bad. Sure, seeing you two reunite at the end of the school year made us want to burst into a choreographed song and dance routine at our next town fair. Except for that part where you gave yourselves a head-to-toe transformation so that the other one would like you.


Um, not good. If that’s what you need to make it work, then maybe summer lovin’ should’ve been left in the past.

2. Love Story (1970)

Everything about this movie is heart-wrenchingly tragic. But worst of all is this line:


Hate to break it to you, but love is just the opposite. There’s no get out of jail free card just because you have butterflies in the stomach for someone. Love means learning how to say you were sorry — and mean it.

3. Pretty in Pink (1986)

Poor Duckie. He’s got everything you could possibly want in a guy: sweet style, awesome lip-synching skills and complete adoration for you, no matter what your dad banks.



But instead of going with Mr. Right-There-in-Front-of-You, Andie goes with the preppy jerk, who barely acknowledges her existence. Duckie’s such a nice guy, sadly, but that’s why he finishes last. Your loss, Andie.

Love Stinks Quote

4. Gone with the Wind (1939)

Scarlett O’Hara is one of cinema’s most headstrong and empowering female leads. That’s what makes her love interests so confusing. For some reason, she’s hung up the boring Ashley Wilkes, who strings her along as he married to his equally bland cousin (ew) Melanie.


Yeah, we’d be pissed too.

Then she gets tangled up with the dashing jerk Rhett Butler. Yes, we went there: Rhett is a jerk. He belittles her, dresses her up like a hussy for Ashley’s birthday, drags her to the bedroom as she’s kicking and screaming (forgot about that misdeed, huh?), then leaves her and puts all the blame on her. Scarlett, trust us on this, you’re better off without him.

Love Is A Trap2

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