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Lesley Meyer / Amateur Photographer

By Derric | Case Studies

Lesley is the co-owner of a small publishing company in Connecticut. Photography is her passion, but it's something she does mainly as a hobby. If that sounds familiar to you, check Lesley's work to see what you can achieve using BeFunky with your own photos.

Plant, Leaf, Produce, Food, Fruit, Quince

- I want to express the magic I feel from photography, the feeling of capturing and freezing a moment in time. Moments slip away. They change even as the position of the sun changes, casting different shadows and moods.

Outdoors, Nature, Wall, Building, Countryside

- I use BeFunky to lend a mood to my photos, whether it be playful or classic. Most people prefer my photos untouched but all seem to agree the results with BeFunky are creative and a lot of fun.

Cow, Cattle, Animal, Mammal, Calf
Mammal, Animal, Cow, Cattle
Bird, Animal, Robin

- I highly recommend trying BeFunky, it has opened my world up to imaginative adaptations of my photos that I could not have achieved otherwise, as in the "oil painting" effect. It’s brilliant.

Outdoors, Nature, Scenery, Landscape, Aerial View, Neighborhood

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