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7 Keyboard Shortcuts For Boosting Productivity In BeFunky

By Whitney | Inspiration

What if you could navigate BeFunky at lightning speed? With our handy keyboard shortcuts, you totally can! We’ve designed each one with you in mind, including an incredibly helpful function that's been highly requested by you BeFunky users! These shortcuts will help you be more efficient with your projects and ultimately, make you feel like the champion that you are. Save yourself some time and bump up that productivity with seven of our very favorites:

Duplicate [ D ]

Any time you add a layer to your project like a textbox, graphic, or layer from the Layer Manager tab, you can duplicate it with the click of your keyboard. By clicking on whatever you want to duplicate and pressing the “D” key, the layer will automatically appear in your project with the same styling, size, and properties as the first. From here you can click on the duplicated element and move it wherever you want or change the color, size, fonts, or other properties entirely! This makes it super quick to add one more (or a hundred more) graphics to a design, lines of text to a photo, or layers to a project.

Freeform Resizing [ Hold Shift + Drag ]

When you’re working with a layer that you want to resize, whether it be a graphic, textbox, image, or layer from the Layer Manager, you usually click the blue circles around that layer and drag to resize it. This works well if you don’t have specific dimensions you’re wanting to fit. But if you wanted to, say, turn that square graphic into a rectangle or make that line graphic a little thicker, all you need to do is hold down the shift button while you resize it! This makes it possible to resize things in a freeform way.

Undo/Redo [ CTRL + Z ] / [ Shift + CTRL + Z ]

The undo and redo buttons at the top of the page in our Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Graphic Designer do exactly what they describe. They undo and redo actions and choices you make when editing and designing. But instead of navigating to the top of the page to click those buttons, we’ve created a handy shortcut right on your keyboard. Pressing [CTRL + Z] will undo your actions and pressing [SHIFT + CTRL + Z] will redo them! Brilliant.

Copy/Paste Text [ CTRL + C ] / [ CTRL + V ]

Let’s say you’re working with text boxes and you want to paste some copy from another document. Instead of adding a text box to your project and proceeding to type every single word, all you have to do is copy the text using [CTRL + C], then paste it into a textbox using [CTRL + V]. From there, you can play around with fonts, sizing, and more!

Precise Slider Adjusting [ arrow keys ]

When you’re applying effects and playing with intensity, strength, or using any other slider to adjust, you can get as precise as you want with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Instead of dragging the slider with the mouse and over- or under-applying, you can simply click on the slider and then arrow right or left to increase and decrease the effect more precisely!

Panning [ Spacebar ]

Sometimes when you’re working with intricate details in the editing process, you’ve got to zoom way into the image to get close enough to fine-tune things. When you’re zoomed in, actively using tools to edit, and you want to pan around to keep using the tool without zooming out and then zooming all the way back in, all you have to do is press the [spacebar]! This will allow you to navigate all over your image while staying zoomed in for the fine details.

Show Original [ O ]

We're really proud to bring you this shortcut because it's been so highly requested by BeFunky users! Now, when you're making edits to your photo and want to compare it to what it looked like originally, all you have to do is click the "O" key on your keyboard! It’s easy to remember because "O" stands for "original." 

With these seven keyboard shortcuts in your back pocket, you’re going to be more efficient than ever before! Pretty soon they’ll become second nature and you’ll be flying through your projects at top speed. 

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified