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Italian Band TripleRock Gets Funky With Their Promotion Strategy

By Whitney | Case Studies

It all started when he was 4 years old in England. Richard Dylan Ponte began playing piano, and discovered a love for music that could not be contained. His musical passion led him to pick up a bass guitar at the age of 14 and eventually go on to study at the Jazz Conservatory in Verona, Italy. That’s where he met future bandmates Alessandro Santacà and Edoardo Gomiero, and after discovering similar musical styles, the band TripleRock was born.

“We play rearranged cover songs from the 50’s and 60’s with veins of Blues and Country. Our goal is to bring Rockabilly music to life  in modern terms, not only with rearranged covers, but also with original songs.”

Since beginning in 2013, TripleRock has played over 60 gigs in all of Italy, including a gig with legendary Phil Palmer (who has accompanied Dire Straits and The Rolling Stones, to name a few). This year, TripleRock was the winner of Invasioni Sonore, a major musical contest in Verona. Their classic RockNRoll, Rockabilly sound has made them stand out in a sea of Italian music acts, their musical influences ranging from Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly to Little Richard and Johnny Cash.

“Most people would say that their ultimate dream is to become famous, but it's not in our case. Our dream is to touch the hearts of every single listener, and try to make them feel what we feel while playing. Also we dream of making everybody dance like crazy during the gigs. Whether there’s 1 person or 1,000 people there.”
Propedeutica edoardo

To get those people to their gigs, TripleRock have become masters of promotion. Richard has found the BeFunky Graphic Designer to be key for creating attractive concert posters, website graphics, and social media headers. And with the new Save Project feature, Richard has found it even easier to tweak each concert poster to the vibe of the gig, choosing the colors and graphic elements accordingly. His creative process goes like this:

“I ask what kind of gig the place we are playing in want, and then I choose the colors accordingly. For example, if it’s a Rockabilly/Rock concert, I use dark colours, and the grunge effect. If it's more of a 50's gig, I choose bright colors with the Bokeh theme and add in pinups and other 50's images from Pixabay.”

The creative approach to promoting TripleRock is working for them. In just two short years, TripleRock has landed on major stages in Italy such as Palageox, Scaliger Castle, Emerald Theatre of Eataly and Milan Expo. The simplicity and user-friendliness that BeFunky provides continues to help them along the way.

“In a world where photoshop is the main thing, I manage to get out of Befunky all that I need to make a flyer interesting and professional. People are attracted by the advertisements we create, and they make us appear much more professional. Here in Verona, image is almost everything, so more professional we look, better it is.”

For extra inspiration on creating band posters, check out this helpful tutorial. Then try your hand at designing some epic promotional materials for your next event:


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