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How To Create A Signature Look For Your Instagram Accounts

By Lori Hil | Inspiration

Visual content is essential if you want to stand out on social media. Did you know that Instagram has an estimated 77.6 million users in the US alone? Instagram has become a powerhouse of visual content. But, how do you optimize your personal and business accounts to create a signature look that is true to you and your brand?

1. Create a Story

What is the purpose of your Instagram account? What do you want your feed to say? Are you bright, hip, and fun? Or, more soft, comfy, and stable? Decide on the visual story you want to tell with your account. Then think of unique ways to share that story.

Ask yourself, “How can I share my story in an interesting way that adds value to the community?”

Have a look at this simple Black and White photo below. You can sense the sadness and know immediately that there is a story behind this photo. It creates a certain feel.

Create a Story

2. Enhance the Story

By using BeFunky Photo Effects, we can create a bit more interest and add to the story. I have chosen the pattern 5 overlay to represent tears. I used the overlay twice and reduced the size to 0.34 and the opacity to 0.29.

Enhance Story 2

3. Crop Angle & Perspective

Another way to create a signature look for your Instagram photos is with a unique angle or perspective. Move around as you are taking shots to find a different perspective on your subject. Get creative. A unique perspective enhances your story for optimal engagement.

The photos below, both have a vintage look. In one the subject is photographed from behind and at an angle. In the second photo, the subject’s face is hidden all together and the focus is on her heels. Both photos create interest. You can change up the perspective of stock photos by using the crop feature.

Perspective Small

4. Develop a Color Scheme

 If you answered the questions above, when creating your story, coming up with a color scheme should not be too hard. Match the color palette you choose to the feel you want to create. Notice the deep, electric colors in this photo of the Toronto skyline:

Deep Colors

Versus the soft, muted palette of this photo:

Soft, Muted colors

Your color scheme choice affects the mood.

5. Be Consistent

All your Instagram photos do not need to be of the same subject, but consistent palette and filter choices enhance your feed. The most popular Instagram accounts keep a consistent look from photo to photo. Pick one or two filters you adore and use them consistently. Or you could upload your favorite photo to the BeFunky Photo Editor and play around with the “Effects” feature.

Using Pop 4 under effects, I was able to take this plain shot and make it a bit funkier, so that it stands out.

From Plain to Pop Small

Ready to create your Signature Instagram Look?

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified