Whether you are in the kitchen whipping up sweets, decorating your home with a festive touch, or getting your DIY on, the Holidays always usher in a creative spirit. With the rush that this time of year typically brings, it can become quite difficult to get everything checked off of your lists. If you feel rushed to get everything done, the first thing that is sacrificed for the sake of finishing all of the tasks is your creative touch and the spirit of the Holiday season.

how to use photo overlays in BeFunky

Scheduling social media posts, creating seasonal content, getting your Holiday cards finished, and wrapping the cutest gifts under the tree does not have to be robbed of creative flair thanks to BeFunky’s easy-to-use Winter Holiday Overlays! You’ll find them in our online Photo Editor, and they’ll give you the ability to create some truly unique pieces that you can use for gifts, Holiday decor, social media posts, Christmas cards, tags for all of those cookies you whipped up in the kitchen, and more! Best of all, you don’t have to spend more than a few quick minutes in order to create something wonderful with them.

Our Favorite Ways To Use Winter Holiday Overlays

Adding an overlay to your photos transforms them into creative designs in just a few clicks. We’ve got an entire tab dedicated to Overlays in our Photo Editor, and you’ll find tons of options for festive overlays in the Winter Holiday category. Here are some of our favorite ways to pair them with your photography:

Festive Social Media Posts

Creating social media posts can be quite daunting when thrown into the Holiday mix! Between your never ending to-do list and actually enjoying the Holiday season, the last thing you want to do is spend hours whipping up posts. Thankfully, adding a simple overlay (like this gift overlay from the Winter Holiday category) can help you add seasonal flair to any photo:

Advertisement, Poster, Text

By creating an opaque overlay with a festive color scheme, this social media post is quick to make and pretty to look at (but also looks like you spent hours in the design process)! Perfect for announcing special holiday hours, discounts at your shop, or you simply sending your followers some good cheer!

Holiday Gift Tags

A really great way to add a personal touch to your gift wrapping or baked goods is by creating DIY gift tags. Pairing a Winter Holiday overlay with a wintery photo, then adding text for the To and From fields will give you the perfect custom gift tag for your loved ones.  

diy holiday gift tags

Christmas Cards

Adding a subtle (yet merry!) overlay to photos can help transform them into Holiday cards in seconds. You can add text to your photos right from the Photo Editor, or save the image to use in our pre-designed Winter Holiday Card templates in the Graphic Designer! Either way, your DIY Holiday cards will look pretty enough to display.

diy christmas cards online in BeFunky

Layered Overlays

If you’re loving the overlay look, why stop at one? By layering multiple overlays on top of one another, you can create photo designs that are truly unique! Perfect for social media posts and cover photos, blog imagery, or creating DIY seasonal home decor for the holidays.

holiday photo overlay tutorial by BeFunky

Now that you know how versatile our Winter Holiday overlays can be, it’s time to show you how to add them to your photos! The cool thing is it’s easier than it looks. We’ll show you how next!

How To Add Overlays To Photos

When you’re ready to start creating your Winter Holiday overlay masterpiece, head to BeFunky’s Photo Editor and upload an image using the Open tab or simply dragging-and-dropping an image into the interface. If you’d rather use a stock photo, you can click the Images/Layers tab at the top of the menu on the left before selecting the Search Stock Images button. Type in any wintery search term and click all the photos you love. When your favorite image is uploaded to the canvas, click on the Overlay tab in the menu on the left.

Monitor, Display, Screen, Electronics, LCD Screen, Outdoors

You’ll find tons of Overlay categories to choose from, but for all the seasonal goodness, click on the Winter Holidays category and select your favorite design. We’ve chosen the deer for this image. When you first select your Overlay, it will look nearly opaque on top of your photo. If you like it the way it is, go ahead and click the blue checkmark. If you’d rather customize your Overlay options, click the Settings menu (the mixing board icon) to open your additional options.

Antelope, Animal, Mammal, Wildlife, Deer, Elk

This is where the fun begins! In the Settings menu, you’re able to change the Color Overlay, Opacity, Size, Rotation, Blur Amount (of the background), and Shadow Amount (of the cutout portion of the overlay). You will notice that your overlay starts to look different when you change the color from a lighter one to a darker one. The cool thing about these overlays is that if you click and drag the cutout portion of the overlay, you can place it wherever you want in your image!

how to edit photos with overlays

Once you love what you’re seeing, click the blue checkmark to apply your overlay. But don’t stop there - you can repeat the steps to add additional overlays and create a unique layered look! Keep stacking, adjusting, and placing your overlays until you feel it looks just right.

Monitor, Display, Screen, Electronics, LCD Screen, Nature

If you want to take things a step beyond, adding text can round off your design in such a flawless way. To add text, open the Text tab (the A icon) in the left-hand menu, select the Add Text button, and type away. You can use the Text Properties menu that appears to play around with our huge library of free fonts (you can even add your own fonts!) and color schemes until you feel they work together.

how to add text to photos in BeFunky

Pro Tip: If you’re in need of a creative spark, check out these resources on font pairing.

When your photo overlay project is looking merry and bright, use the Save button at the top of the Photo Editor to save your work to your Computer, social media feeds, and more! Alternatively, you can save it As A Project (in editable format) to keep working on later.

Final Results

Just look at how amazing this overlay project turned out, all in a few clicks:

holiday photo overlay tutorial by BeFunky

The holiday season does not need to add any extra stress onto your plate. With BeFunky’s Winter Holiday Overlays, you can count on a quick and easy option to get some of those extra items checked off of your list without sacrificing your creative spirit to do so. To start experimenting with these photo overlays and see what unique designs you can make, click the link below!

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Photo Editing. Simplified