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How To Design Your Own Greeting Cards

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Next time you are looking for a Thank You, Feel Better, I Miss You, I love Bacon, or Whatever You Celebrate type of card, make it yourself! This basic tutorial will show you easy and creative ways to use our  Collage Maker to design your own cards, for all occasions!

To show you an example I'll create a sister's birthday card! (I actually need one lol!) These same guidelines work to design any type of card, just use your imagination ^ __ ^

Create Greeting Card 1

Go to Collage Maker select the Template you'd like to work on.  Then, select a pre-designed Birthday Card or any other template that you'd like to work on.

Create Greeting Card 5

I picked one from the Grid (there are tons and tons of options).

Create Greeting Card 2

Add your photo and drag it to the side of your preference. You can switch sides if later on you change your mind.

Create Greeting Card 3

Depending on who you're creating the card for, choose a theme for goodies, background and font.  Since my sister has a silly sense of humor and loves all the things music and green, I'll create this birthday card using those details.

You can also edit the photo you're using on the Collage Maker by clicking on the right top corner and choosing to open it on our Photo Editor.

Create Greeting Card 4

While editing your image on our Photo Editor, go funky (or BeFunky ;) and apply to it some of our artsy effects such as underpainting or cartoonizer.

Create Greeting Card 8

There are tons of patterns to choose from and you can also change the background color.

TIP:  Try to use patterns and colors that will contrast the text that you add.

Create Greeting Card 7

I took a few minutes to play with the fonts and the goodies. Remember you can use your own fonts too!

TIP: Edit, color or blend your goodies to create a more unifying design.

Happy Birthday Card

TIP: After saving your design make sure you got your spelling right, as you can see I misspelled the word 'eccentric' at first, oops!

These are other ideas for birthday cards or Birthday invitations!

collage birthday card
Cheer Up Card
Birthday Dogs

Now that you've seen these ideas for birthday cards you can create your own designs and surprise a good friend, relative or loved one and at no cost to you. It's thoughtful and free, it doesn't get better than that :)

Let us know what features you would like to see on our Collage Maker to improve your creative experience!

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