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Graphic Design Trend Predictions For 2019

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

While 2018 was all about 90s inspired patterns, color gradients, and bold and handwritten font combinations, 2019 has a whole new game plan up its sleeves. This year, we’re predicting the boldest, most colorful year yet, with design trends such as vivid color schemes, maxi typography, alternative art, and more! Thankfully, keeping ahead of the curve won’t be so hard, as BeFunky's Designer has everything you need to design like a pro, without the know-how! Keep reading to learn the biggest design trends of 2019, as well as how you can achieve them in just a few clicks of your mouse. Ready to take a glimpse into the future? Here are our top graphic design predictions for 2019:

Alternative Art

From brush strokes and stains, to spots and hand drawn illustrations, alternative art will be huge in 2019. Not only does it take us back to some of the very roots of design, but it also helps your project to stand-out from the crowd with its unique visuals.

alternative art graphic design trends 2019

You can locate a wide range of alternative art graphics such as lines, shapes, speech bubbles, ornaments, and more in the Design Elements section of the Designer. Simply drag and drop them into your project to take it to a whole new level! Or get crafty with your own illustrations and art as a backdrop. 

Maxi Typography

Typography might have been bold in 2018, but this year will take it to new heights. Think text so large that it bleeds off the page and typography that takes centerstage over any other design elements. There’s certainly no room for shyness here - it’s all about getting your message across in the biggest and boldest of ways.

Graphic design trends 2019 maxi typography

To embrace this design trend, insert a text box into your project by clicking on the ‘A’ symbol in the Designer’s side menu. After editing the text, increase its size in the Text Properties toolbar. Don’t be afraid to play around with composition too. After all, there are no rules when it comes to ground-breaking design!

Outlined And Highlighted Typography

In addition to being the bold center of attention, this year's typography will see more outlined and highlighted text than ever before. 

outlined typography graphic design

To get the outlined look, simply set the text color to clear (no color) in the Text Properties menu and select an outline color instead. For the highlighted look, choose a Background Color in the text properties menu to create a background color in only the textbox. Combine the two styles for a simple, clean, and modern look. 

Glitch Effects

This design trend fully embraces the saying, “the future is now”. Think glitchy, holographic effects reminiscent of your favorite Sci-Fi.

glitch effects graphic design 2019

You can easily achieve this look in BeFunky’s Photo Editor by navigating to Effects and choosing options such as Line Artopia, Holga Art or Viewfinder. Add additional glitch-like effects by experimenting with the wide range of Textures available.

Vivid Color Schemes

When it comes to color in 2019, forget playing it safe. This year, it’s all about rich and vivid color schemes which truly gain your attention. While previous years have embraced the mantra “less is more”, the new year is throwing color caution to the wind.

vivid color schemes graphic design

You can easily enhance your own image’s color in the Photo Editor by using tools such as Color, Vibrance, Vibrant Colors DLX, and Color Mixer, all located in the Edit section.

No Borders

Make your design so eye-catching, that it jumps off the page. This year’s design trends are encouraging you to take risks, experiment, and be bold, which is why no borders = no worries. You’ve always been encouraged to think outside of the box, so why not design outside of it too?

borderless graphic design

BeFunky’s Designer lets you arrange elements on any part of the canvas that your heart desires, so try shifting your focal point to take up the entire page – not just the center!

New Colorful Minimalism

Last year did see an emergence of colorful minimalism, but in 2019 this is set to not only get bigger, but to take on a new spin too. While minimalism was once associated with neutral color palettes or just black and white, it’s taking on a new and colorful meaning this year. Designs will still be pared down, yet you can expect to see more pops of color (particularly contrasting colors).

colorful minimalism graphic design trends 2019

You can easily make your colors pop in BeFunky’s Photo Editor by enhancing elements such as Saturation and Vibrance, both found within the Edit section.

Color of the Year: Living Coral

Last year it was Ultra Violet, while the year before that it was Greenery. For 2019, Pantone has selected Living Coral as their Color of the Year and for good reason too. The company describe it as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. Expect to see this color across all facets of design this year.

pantone color of the year 2019

Want to add a Living Coral hue to your own projects? Our Color Swatch has multiple shades of coral which you can add to elements such as backgrounds, text, graphics, and more. Pantone also reveals the exact Color HEX Code of this shade is FA7268, so you can also type this into the HEX code space provided.

We’re so excited to see these graphic design trends take off in the New Year! If you’re ready to start trying them out with your own designs, click the link below to head to BeFunky’s Designer and get started!

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