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9 Tips For Using Geometric Shapes In Photos

By Patricia McNamara | Inspiration

From architecture to the great outdoors, our world is filled with a dazzling array of geometric patterns and shapes, so even if you didn’t dig that high school math class, the whole idea of geometry can really add value to your photo’s composition. Certain lines can incorporate motion in an otherwise static picture, while specific shapes can add structure, helping pull an image together.
Do you want to engage your viewers with every picture you take? Here are some tips on how to better incorporate geometry in your upcoming photographs:

Squares and Rectangles


Not only do they serve as excellent frames for your photo’s subject, but they also add interest with the use of repetition.



As the name suggests, try including an object like a road or a stream that creates an “S” pattern in your picture. The shape creates the illusion that the image is moving away—or towards—the viewer.



It doesn’t have to be equilateral, but strategically placing your subject in a triangular pattern is a great way to organize your photos. Triangles connect three main points of a photo together without disrupting the flow.



Think of the beauty of this never-ending shape. Circles help lead the viewer’s eye through the frame in one continuous motion.



This shape can also be used as a nice framing element, drawing even more attention to your photo’s main subject.

Vertical Lines


Add length to your captured scene with parallel vertical lines to give your photos the illusion of growth and dominance.

Horizontal Lines


On the flip side, horizontal lines give the impression of tranquility and calmness to a photo, making it especially handy for landscape pictures.



A snap with some sort of diagonal element makes it more dynamic. An angled leading line can help connect the main and secondary subjects of your photo, adding even more depth to the piece.



No matter the shape, filling your entire frame with a specific pattern adds drama to your photograph.



Which geometric shapes do you like to include in your photography? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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