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Fun With Graphics

By Peter Latriano | Inspiration

BeFunky clearly likes to have a good time, which is exactly why their Photo Editor is loaded up with fun graphics that are perfect for adding to your photographs. Whether you feel like lightening things up a bit with silly graphics that don’t necessarily make sense (ex: dancing mushrooms, a one-eyed monster and grumpy cat), or you’ve got a purpose for the stickers you’re slapping on, BeFunky provides you with an extensive selection of custom graphics to choose from.

Spread The Holiday Cheer

It’s difficult to think about the holidays with it being the mid-summer, but they’re looming right around the corner. Before you know it Halloween will come and go, and then the floodgates to the holiday season will open up. With that comes all of the usual struggles, including sending cards. This year, take a more personal approach and create your own cards with the BeFunky online Photo Editor. You can quickly and easily transform a regular photo into one that is fun, unique and spreads the cheer with BeFunky’s graphics because after all, nothing puts people in the spirit quite like a snowman sticker!


Celebrate the Season

Nothing says summertime like a beach ball and some popsicle sticks. Even if you were nowhere near a pool or delicious frozen treats in your photos, you can still add them in and make it seem like you’ve had a fun-filled day in the sun. Once Fall starts creeping in, throw on some spooky owls or scarecrows into your picture. No matter what time of the year you feel like celebrating, BeFunky’s got the graphics to make it happen.


Everyone knows that the accessories make the outfit. And with BeFunky, there are more than enough of them to add some funk into all of your photos. It’s a great way to make your photographs memorable, and a whole lot of fun. Curly pink wigs. Thick black glasses. Pointy elf ears, and so much more.


Just Because

Who says you need a reason to add a little entertainment into your life? I’m a believer that graphics are perfectly acceptable to include in your photographs even if there’s no special occasion for it. With the option to include practical hand drawn design elements into your photographs, geometrical shapes and speech bubbles, the BeFunky photo editor’s got graphics that may not be very practical, but sure are a whole lot of fun.

Dying to get your hands on some of these graphic goodies? We thought so.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified