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Blast From The Past: BeFunky’s Free Old Photo Effect

By Derric | Effects Showcase

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If you've ever come across a shoebox of old photos from decades ago while hanging out at your grandparents' house, chances are you were amazed by the style and quality of the vintage photographs. It's not just about the look of the people in the photographs that tell you what decade the photo is from, it's also the color, softness and tone of the photos that give away the year.

While the world's most advanced digital SLR with tens of millions of megapixels definitely produces stunning, high quality images, no digital camera can mimic the look of the old school photography that's common among older generations. Even the world's most talented photographer needs specific lighting and the right chemicals to develop photographs with the soft tones and vintage look of a retro photo shoot.

Instead of Chemicals, Just Click

Up until now, to make your digital photos look like they're from days gone by, you'd need to employ complex photo editing software. You'd also need to be an expert on that software. If you weren't, you'd need to buy an old photo tutorial guidebook or shell out some cash and pay an expensive graphic designer.

BeFunky's Old Photo Effect changes that. With a click of a button, you can transform a modern-day photograph into something right out of Grandma's shoebox.

Back to the Future: From 2008 to 1888

Wondering how you and your friends would look in a photograph from the 1970s? Looking to turn a photo from a 2008 wedding into an old school photo right out of 1920s?

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The answer is just a click away. BeFunky's Old Photo Effect library covers pretty much every vintage look from every decade.

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All you need is a photograph in digital format. If you're working from a print, just scan it and save it to your hard drive. Head to BeFunky.com, click on Create, navigate to the Photo Effects menu and select Old Photo from the left menu. Then find a preset that matches the style you're trying to mimic. That's all there is to it.

The Best Photos From Time Travel

The best photographs for the Old Photo Effect are ones with natural poses. If you're trying to make your photo look like it's from the turn of the 20th century, you might not want to have someone hammering away on their laptop in the photograph. If you're trying to mimic the 1960s, positioning your subject in front of a car from that era will help.

The Old Photo Effect is perfect for a variety of uses. Looking for a perfect anniversary gift for your parents? Having a party? Give it a 1980s theme and create a poster that really gets people in the mood. Put together a creative scrapbook that puts your parents in a century they've never lived in.

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Get Creative and BeFunky

A picture is worth a thousand words, so rather than talk about what you can do to give your digital photos that Old Photo Effect you want, we recommend creating your own vintage photo right now. You can do it for free at BeFunky.com and share your creations with your friends. When you're done, comment on your experience below. You'll quickly see that with BeFunky's Old Photo Effect, everyone can live in the past – or at least pretend to.

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