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Have a Blast From the Past With Old Photo Effects

By Sarah Foster | Photo Editor Tutorials

You have likely come across boxes full of old photos from decades past at your grandparent's house and were astonished at the style of the subjects, and the film itself. The vintage quality of the photographs appeals to the masses, making them a hit for reselling at antique shops. The color, or lack thereof, draws you in! The softness feels like a thing of the past. 

As the megapixels of new digital SLR cameras grow, they continue to produce high-quality images with the click of a button. However, they are no match to the look of old-school photography found in a shoebox of your ancestors. Now, you can achieve it with a few clicks using BeFunky’s Old Photo effects.

How to Add an Old Photo Effect to Any Photo

Get started on choosing the perfect old photo effect by opening up the Photo Effects section of the Photo Editor, and uploading the photo that you want to turn into an old-looking image! 

open an image

Step 1: Select an Old Photo Effect 

Once you have uploaded your photo, select the Old Photo effect, and browse the examples of what they would look like! Once you find one that fits the vibe you’re going for, click on it to see it on your canvas. 

choose old effects

Step 2: Adjust the Effect and Apply

You can always adjust how much intensity the effect is applying to your image with the slider on the effect itself. By moving the slider to the right, the effect is intensified. When you move it to the left, less of the effect is applied. To fine-tune the results, click on the Settings box on the left where you can adjust more specific parts of the effect. When you have achieved the perfect vintage photo, click apply to apply it to your image. 

apply the old photo effect

Step 3: Save Your Image

Once you've curated the look of your photo to be perfectly vintage, click the Save button and choose your desired save location. Share it directly to social media, as a PDF for printing, as a project to come back to later, and more!

save old photo image

Final Results

Take a look at how this photo feels like an old photo fresh out of your grandparent's shoebox! In just three steps we were able to transform this photo into a blast from the past! 

old photo final result
old photo final before



Inspiration For Your Old Photos

Take a look at these three examples of other Old Photo Effects that you can use! There is something for every era of photo. Be sure to play around with the settings on all the Old Photo effects to achieve your desired final results! 

Vibe With Old Photo 9

For a more ‘70s look, try using Old Photo 9. This one is a fun way to distort some of the colors and add scratches and a sepia-toned filter to embrace the era. With the colors blown out on the sides of the photo, it looks like it has been sunkissed, use this effect for images that have a central focus and not too much going on in the images outside of that. 

old photo example 1 after
old photo example 1 before



Be Well-Loved With Old Photo 15

Old Photo 15 gives your image a well-loved aesthetic. This effect adds lots of scratches like it has traveled the world with you, and changed some of the colors to be more saturated. This is perfect for when you want your image to feel like it has been around for a while and you want the colors to be amped up!

old photo scratches after
old photo scratches before



Get Spooky With Old Photo 1

A favorite for the spooky seasons is Old Photo 1. This effect intensifies the contrast and makes the image feel a bit more spooky by adding an intense sepia tone to the photo. Use this effect for all your Halloween needs! 

old photo 1 after
old photo 1 before



Age Your Photos in Just a Few Clicks

With the help of the Photo Editor, you no longer have to use film cameras and darkrooms to achieve the antique quality of images your ancestors loved. With just three simple steps you can make your photos look like they took a step back in time. Get started on creating your Old Photos today!

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