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8 Instagram Do’s and Don’ts

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

Instagram is constantly changing. This can be both positive and negative. While this allows for much growth, it also forces you to stay on top of the changes as they happen. Those who do not keep up with these changes risk ending up on the wrong side of the algorithm - potentially jeopardizing the ability for their profile to be seen and engaged with by their ideal audience. 

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Thankfully, BeFunky has done some of the heavy lifting for you by providing you with 8 do’s and don’ts when using Instagram. Follow this guide in order to stay informed and ahead of the algorithms. Easily create amazing pieces of content with BeFunky’s Designer, Photo Editor, and Collage Maker

1. Do Keep a Cohesive Grid

People love cohesive grids for multiple reasons. Cohesiveness includes aesthetics as well as content type. When you are posting a consistent look as well as consistent content, people can easily understand your brand and messaging so that they can determine if you are the type of person or brand they want to follow. When people are confused about what your message is or what you are offering, they will quickly lose interest and simply disengage.

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2. Do Post Consistently

Consistency is king. Posting consistently gives you more favor with the algorithm. When your followers know your posting schedule, they will typically try to respond to you when they know you are online and using the app. When they interact with you, the algorithm favors your posts and shares your content with a wider audience. 

3. Do Share Consistent Stories

Although this may soon be changing, Instagram Stories are the only feature that shares content in chronological order. While feed posts used to be shared chronologically, Instagram soon changed it so that your feed populates what the algorithm thinks you will like first while scrolling. This means that if you post content to your profile, it is not a guarantee that the post will even show up on your followers’ feed while they scroll. The great thing about stories is that right when you share your content to stories, your profile will jump to the top slot in your followers’ feed.

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4. Do Create Savable Content

The Save feature has been a game-changer for Instagram. Most people don’t realize this, but when someone saves a post of yours, it signals the algorithm to keep sending them your content.

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What stops most people from posting sharable content is that it may not always fit their Instagram feed aesthetic. The workaround here is to create and post shareable content as the second or third image on a carousel post. This way, you can keep the integrity of your feed while also creating easily shareable content - a win, win for you. Use BeFunky’s Designer to create shareable content like quotes and memes.

5. Don’t Ignore the Data

Instagram has optimal algorithms and posting times that drive traffic and engagement to your page. Content creators spend so much time creating assets that it would be a shame if all of that time went to waste because they didn’t know how to utilize the data. Do a little bit of research about your industry, target demographic, and region to find out optimal posting times for your audience. When your audience starts to engage with you in likes, comments, and story replies, it signals the algorithm to keep sharing your content with them and their network. This increases your engagement and following.

6. Don’t Use Busy Photographs

Simple, beautiful feeds continue to gain followers. Photographs that are busy and hectic tend to clutter a feed, creating an atmosphere that is not welcoming or understandable. If you think of your feed like a house, you want to be able to create a space that is both clean and inviting. Tidy up your photos and feed by creating content that focuses on minimal, powerfully engaging imagery.

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7. Don’t Worry About Heavily Retouching

A trend we can stand behind has been rapidly growing over the past several years and continues to gain traction. Rather than heavily retouching like so many of us did in the past, natural, authentic beauty is being hyped and encouraged. Do you have freckles? It is now an adorable asset. Do you have cellulite? Amazing; show off your humanity. Do you have curves? Embrace all of yourself. The authentic version of yourself is currently being praised, so do some fun or minor edits in Befunky’s Photo Editor and forget about tuning up your face and body into an unnatural standard. 

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8. Don’t Ignore Your Followers

When followers engage with you and you engage back, the algorithm starts to work in your favor. Not only can you gain useful information and feedback from your followers, engaging with them will help you in both the short and long term. Your page should represent your growth as an individual and brand and your followers will consistently communicate to you whether they like what you are doing and want to see more of it based on their level of engagement and commentary. Stay as authentic to yourself as you can while also creating content that your following expects and loves. This will allow you to create a loyal base for years to come and the connections you make may very well translate to real-life customers and connections!

Enhance Your Instagram Engagement

Follow these steps in order to enhance your Instagram experience and engagement. Show off your creative content by using BeFunky’s Designer, Photo Editor, and Collage Maker and try any of these 8 steps and track the outcome that occurs! You will notice that as your engagement grows, the algorithm will continue to share your content and profile to more and more potential followers. If you don’t follow these steps, you risk your hard-made content not showing up on people’s feeds - thus wasting your precious time and energy - which we wouldn’t recommend.

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