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Creative Templates for Easy Easter Greeting Cards

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

Creating an Easter card can feel like a lot of work with all of the other chaos happening in our everyday lives – but you’ve set your heart on making them this year and you are finally going to follow through on handing them out. 

I’ve always found that if I want to follow through with something, then I have to make the consequences high if I don’t follow through. This year, that would mean I would need to throw an Easter event of sorts and would need to make an Easter invite – if I don’t send them out, then no one is going to come! You might be like me or you might just need some inspiration in designing your cards this year – if so, then look no further because we are going to show you five types of Easter cards you can make.

Whether you are making individual cards for your family, or sending off greeting cards or invitations to your friends, BeFunky’s Card Maker, located in the Graphic Designer, has everything you need to create a beautiful card in no time.

4 Simple Design Templates for Easy DIY Easter Cards

Sometimes the design is half the battle. With BeFunky’s Card Maker templates, creating Easter cards is easier than ever. If you are needing some Easter card design inspiration, take a look at these five examples. We have each of these templates in BeFunky for you to use for your next card or invite.

1. A Thoughtful Easter Greeting Card

Creating a well-meaning Easter greeting card means that you want the design to look a little more sophisticated than the other designs on this list. You can choose to have a fancy design or a more casual design, but you want to make sure to keep a professional or sincere tone with your messaging. 

thoughtful easter card

Each of these cards has a sophisticated color palette and simple messaging. When creating your own card, choose a palette with earth tones and minimalistic design elements like flowers or easter-related photos. Write a genuine line of Easter well-wishes and you’ve got a well-meaning Easter card ready to send to your friends and family.

2. A Creative Easter Card From the Family

It is always nice to send a photo of your nuclear family to your immediate family and friends. Before social media, this was the way that people shared family photos. You don’t have to send a serious Easter card, though. If you have a more playful family, use playful colors and patterns to make your card look unique.

family easter card

3. A Motivating Easter Card for Your Friends

Spring is usually a time for people to get motivated. Maybe you want to do things a little differently this year and rather than mail out family greeting cards to your network, you want to focus on your immediate friendships. People are often coming out of a dark winter and reminding them of your presence as a friend in their life may be the kind of pick-me-up that they need.

girlfriends easter card

4. A Funny Easter Greeting Card to Make Them Laugh

These are the kinds of cards I prefer, the ones that make me laugh or smile. I love a good pun and I love a good call out of a pop culture moment that we mostly all know the reference to. With the new season coming it is best to bring some lighthearted fun into someone’s home, especially because this Winter has been a long one!

funny easter card

Choose one of our templates and don’t be afraid to change the orientation of graphic elements, the colors, and whatever else you prefer to do. If you are running short on time, feel free to choose a template as-is and send it on out!

Printing Your Easter Cards Is Easy With BeFunky

One of the biggest obstacles to creating cards at home is printing. You can always opt for using your own printer, just make sure that your paper is a heavier weight than standard printer paper so the card is thicker and more sturdy. You can also choose to save your file and send it to a local printer for them to take care of the printing process. 

print easter card

Whichever way you decide to print your cards, make sure when saving, you select the PDF option and have the Print tab selected. This will make your file print-ready!

Make a DIY Easter Card With Custom Templates

Befunky’s Card Maker makes DIY Easter cards easier than ever. With dozens of templates to choose from, you can create your very own easter card in no time! Simply choose the style of card you want, whether it is serious or fun, change the wording in it to match your specific event or message, and either print or send it to your friends and family!

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