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Earth Day is Coming. Go Out and Shoot Something

By Rob LeRoy | Inspiration

Earth Day is coming. You know what that means, right? Cheerful hippies in gender-neutral sundresses flailing wildly about with bright yellow dandelions in hand, blowing little clouds of cotton into the wind, chanting about Mother Earth and recycling and gardening, or whatever. I think. What a great time to go take some pictures of our beautiful planet, before it is forever drowned beneath a rising tide of melted icebergs and grumpy, soggy polar bears.

BeFunky Earth Day

FUN FACT: Earth day was first celebrated in the U.S. on April 22nd, 1970, having been founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, of the great State of Wisconsin, whose name is not funny, at all. AT ALL. Grow up.

This year, we’ve added some special Earth Day overlays and graphics for the BeFunky web app, perfect for making festive pics and collages, or whatever.


Earth Day Graphics


Overlays Earth Day

You can use them for Facebook album covers, or print them on greeting cards, coffee cups or, if you’re a fan of irony, a styrofoam oil drum with rhinoceros horns for handles. If you have one. They can be hard to get…

But anyway, pop over to the BeFunky photo editing web app and check out our special Earth Day options. We’ve got some bonus stuff for our Plus users. If you’re not already one of those, it’s only $59.88 a year for ad-free online editing that makes everybody else’s pictures look like butt! So go on. Don't disappoint Mother Earth. You know how she likes to nag when you forget to call...

What? You didn't like my Earth Day pics up there? Fine. Check out some others submitted by the BeFunky Army!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified