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The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Profile Photos

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

If you are on a dating profile, you know all too well about the overwhelming amount of hiking photos, fish photos, and dog photos that you are forced to swipe through. After a few minutes, people’s profile photos start to mesh together and it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate between anyone's uniqueness – RIP to all of the fish photo guys out there.

dont show multiple people in dating profile

I am sure that in putting your own profile together, you have collected random photos of you in the outdoors, selfies, mirror selfies, and photos that you may not want to admit are from years prior. So, how do you select the right photos and what are other people more willing to swipe right on?

According to Hinge, selecting photos that either look candid or show you participating in a passion of yours are most likely to get engagement, whether that is a like or a swipe. Selecting dimly lit photos, group photos, and photos that make it seem like you’re standing next to your ex are all automatic no’s.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Profile Photos

We’ve put together several tips for choosing and editing your personal photos so that you can get noticed and get better dates in the year ahead.

There are obvious do’s for your photos that go without saying – for example, make sure they are well-lit and in focus. Any dating article you read will mention this, but we are here to help you further than the no-brainers. Now, you can get professional dating photos taken if you want, but it isn’t needed if you follow the steps below! If you need to edit any of your photos, upload them into BeFunky’s Photo Editor to brighten, sharpen, and make them stand out more.

Do: Take Photos Enjoying a Passion

Whether you like playing soccer, riding horses, or doing pottery, make sure your profile has at least two images of you doing something that you love. For women, looking away from the camera while smiling has a better success rate for positive engagement while for men, looking directly at the camera and smiling with your mouth closed shows more favorably.

do show your passion in dating profile

If you don’t have a passion other than Netflix and your career, take some time this month to brainstorm what you love to do, or some passions that you have been interested in but never pulled the trigger. Your profile should tell a story of who you are. So, who are you? What do you like to do? Think outside the box and don’t just choose something generic. Really get to know yourself. Your interests might not seem stereotypical for your gender, as in men who like to bake or thrift shop, and women who like to dirt bike or work on engines – it doesn’t matter. You love what you love, so embrace it and show off your passions and skills!

Don’t: Include Multiple Photos of Other People

Your profile is about you. I know that it is probably difficult to find photos where you aren’t in a group shot with your friends, but you are going to have to work on it. 

dont post groups

Whether it needs to be a New Year’s resolution or you just need to ask your friends to take more photos of you, start speaking up when you are hanging out. Almost every one of your friends has a dating profile and whether they razz you at the beginning or are fully supportive, they will most likely start asking you for the same favor for their own profiles. The consensus across the board is that everyone knows their profile images suck and want better photos – so just be the first friend in your group to start the trend.

Do: Take Candid Photos

Selfies are out (especially bathroom selfies), and candid photos are in. Seriously, get rid of the bathroom selfies, especially if your counters or environment is unkept. The only appropriate selfie you are allowed to take is if no one is around and you are also doing something fun and exciting – otherwise, default to candid.


How do you take candid photos? You go and do something fun and have someone take photos of you while you are doing that thing. Believe it or not, you can plan a way to have a candid photo. Ask a close friend of yours to start going on some adventures with the purpose that you would both take photos of the other. Profile photos should be as candid as you can make them. Are you the type on a hike to scramble up the rocks and climb on top of bridges? Don’t just take a photo posing at the top, take some photos along the way that show what you are like.

Although most people can take photos, you can learn to take better photos by watching some youtube videos that teach you. A few simple techniques can make all the difference. One of them is, don’t just take a single photo – take many photos before and after you tell someone to pose. Start shooting before you tell someone to turn around for the shot, or ask them to walk toward you while laughing. There are many ways to create candid photos – start experimenting!

Don’t: Wear Sunglasses

This deserves its own section. Sunglasses not only hide your face but also prevent someone from being able to assess your vibe. If your main photo is of you wearing sunglasses, you can almost guarantee that you will get negative engagement.

dont wear sunglasses

Do: Post an Engaging First Photo

You want your first image to give off the quickest first impression of you and your personality or vibe. It should be of you, by yourself, enjoying life either doing something you love or being in an environment that is comfortable for you – and make sure you can see your face! Your next photos can show off a skill of yours without your face being front and center. 

Think of your profile like you marketing yourself. In the case of good marketing, always ask yourself what you would positively engage with. If you wouldn’t even engage with your own profile, take some time to redo it.

great first photo

After this, the rest of your photos should tell a story about who you are. Would you be interested in dating you? Make sure you capture the ins and outs of who you are, what you like, and what you dislike. You are trying to convey who you are in about six photos and a few prompts, so get creative!

Do: Post Photos for Who and What You Want to Attract

Ask yourself what type of lifestyle you are wanting to build. You are looking for compatibility, not just a partner who is going to fill a void in your life. If you want a partner who dirt bikes, then you should either get into dirt biking or post photos of you doing that hobby. You aren’t going to find the right kind of person if you don’t live the lifestyle you are looking for – so that comes first. After that, market the lifestyle you live with photos.

compatibility dating images

Next, who are you are wanting to connect with? Your photos should essentially market yourself to that type of person. Do you want someone who is active? Then show photos of yourself being active. If you are an outdoor type and want a person who is kind and loves to read, then post a photo of you outside on your porch enjoying a book. Your images should be a blend of who you are and what you are wanting to attract. If you want to attract someone who is more of an introvert and you want to settle down and have a home life, then scrap the photos of you partying with your fraternity or sorority.

If you want to attract someone who is basic, then post photos of you hiking, hot selfies of your body, and throw a puppy in there for good measure. Obviously, don’t change your personality so that other people will like you – that never works, but think about the type of impression you are giving off with your profile and really embody that person. If you are or have been attracting the wrong types of people, then change it up and ask yourself what person you want to attract and how can you best position yourself to attract that. If you have been dating jerks and are going to try your luck with some nice guys, then rethink the photos you are showing of yourself.

Revamp Your Dating Profile for More Engagement

Follow these techniques above in order to revamp your dating profile. Gone are the days of bathroom selfies and fish photos. Go find some new hobbies if you need to, make yourself more interesting, work on yourself so that you can be the type of person someone would want to date, and then capture photos of yourself enjoying your life.

Don’t forget to use BeFunky’s Photo Editor to enhance your dating profile photos. You can even edit them with certain aesthetics that are more visually appealing for positive engagement.

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