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A Mom & Crafter’s Unique Approach To Etsy With BeFunky

By Whitney | Case Studies

The crafting bug hit Menucha Citron in high school. That’s when she started making the custom jewelry that would develop into Menucha Jewelry, her Etsy shop filled with handmade, colorful gemstone accessories.

“I was always creative, and switched between various types of crafty hobbies. Jewelry-making stuck. I found it addictive and very therapeutic—a great way to relax after a long, hard day.”

Menucha is a big fan of using the BeFunky Photo Editor to beautify images of her handmade creations where she can easily create listings that are polished, professional, and pleasing to the eye. Her master advice for editing Etsy shop photos?

“Let your product be the star! Aim for soft, natural lighting whenever you can, and think simple backgrounds and few props. Edit, but keep it real. When you’re editing with BeFunky, make use of the sliders that control the strength of the effect to keep it realistic. You can also make use of the ‘paint’ feature to allow you to brighten or soften JUST the background.”

Her creativity doesn’t stop there, however; after Menucha became a mother, she started cultivating a crafting community online with other moms. Hence her blog Moms and Crafters began, where she's put the Designer to good use by creating awe-inspiring blog graphics.

“For my blog images, I often need to add text or other graphics, and BeFunky saves me SO much time. The quick photo editing features also allow me to improve my images, brighten them, and warm up the colors so that they stand out more.”

Ready to design your own graphics for your Etsy shop or blog? Check out the Designer to help you succeed:

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