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Dogs In Sunglasses = Always Funny

By Derric | Inspiration

I don't know about you, but every time I see a dog in sunglasses I can't help but smile... Here's 17 grin-ducing photos from our BeFunky Explore Gallery :D

See, you're already smiling...

You'll smile when they smile :)

Even when they're wearing swim goggles

Dog Sunglasses Summer

Or when they're too cool to smile at you,

Or when they're wearing regular glasses

Cool pugs always put you in a good mood

So do awesome poms!

Your dog looks so cooooool in sunglasses

And so smart :)


How can you not be smiling now?

When he's not out fighting fires, he's busy looking cool at the station...

Your Grandma's sunglasses look even better on your dog :)

Or a puppy!


This guy's smile just made you smile!

Sunglasses even look good on sleeping dogs

And dogs hanging with their friends

This is the coolest wiener you'll see today

And this is the epitome of cool.

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Stay Funky :)

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