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DIY Personalized Calendars

By Christopher Schmidt | Inspiration

Did you think there was only one online source for turning your personal photographs into dazzling, professional-grade calendars? We shudder at the thought!

The BeFunky Photo Editor and Collage Maker will make you a hero with your friends and family with its beautiful, easy to use templates. Beautify your photos in the Photo Editor, then accessorize and assemble them in a creative collage for an inspired one-of-a-kind calendar.

You can even mix and match your images to individually tailor calendars as special gifts for multiple recipients. And you know what's even more amazing? BeFunky's design and editing tools are 100% free!

*cue applause*

Tons of Options


The process is astoundingly simple, and just as rewarding. Beginning in the Collage Maker simply select a template to suit your creative needs and desires. For a calendar, the large preset grid within the "Facebook Cover" template works best. Pictured in the image above, you can see it contains a few more boxes that you require.

Again, the beauty of BeFunky lies in just how easy it is to explore and manipulate your design. Just delete what you don't want, and tinker with the rest. Head over to Settings to adjust your spacing, add in some color, or even round your corners.

Insert dates with the Text feature and import as many photos as you wish. Click on spaces corresponding to holidays and personally significant events, and attach your own meaningful, relevant images. Or, if you are a hopeless overachiever, put in a picture for ever day of the year!

Easy Editing


With a simple click you can instantly open up the BeFunky Photo Editor where you can adjust, enhance, alter and label to your heart's content. Play with fonts, text placement, size and background colors. Create an overall theme or match your design to fit each individual image.

An Incredible Outcome

BeFunky Collage4

Your options are as limitless as all those images you are wise enough to snap and save. Personalize your entire year. Move the images around and use different themes and pics to customize gifts for individual friends and family members. If you're feeling extra festive you can even throw some spiffy patterns in there. Ooh la la.

Turn your very own magic moments into creative every day gifts and functional, wall-worthy works of art with the BeFunky suite of photographic wonder. Happy Holidays!


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