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Best Photo Tips For Travelers

By Kristen Yates | Inspiration

Most of us can agree that photography is one of the best ways to capture your travel experiences. Whether you plan a few great trips per year or are a globe-trotting nomad who call the airport your second home, a camera can be your greatest tool for telling the story of your epic adventures.

As you explore, connect and broaden your horizons through travel, great photos can tell the story of your journey in a unique and powerful way! Whether you’re shooting with an SLR or an iPhone, these tips will prepare you to take photos you’ll love to look back on.

1. Color Pops!

Conscious use of color in your travel photos will take them from ordinary to bold and dramatic! Different colors elicit different feelings and moods, so use this to creatively capture the story of your trip. Reds and oranges evoke heat and energy, while blues and greens are calming and cooling.

Combining two or three bold and contrasting colors in a photo creates a dramatic and memorable effect. Edit the photo using the Photo Editor to really make the colors you’ve chosen POP out! You can either use the Beautify tool for this or play around with colors in the Color Mixer under the Editing tools.



2. Find New Perspectives

Everyone’s seen the same photos of famous landmarks around the world, so don’t be one in the mass crowd of tourists who’s shooting the Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal from the same spot! Put your own creative spin on these sights by finding a new way to capture them.

Try shooting up close or from a different angle than you normally would to give an entirely new look and perspective to your subject. Think about the mood you want to elicit from your photograph, and what funky angle will tell the story of your unique adventure. And if you're shooting on your camera phone, you can always download the handy dandy mobile app to edit your photos on the go and post them right away. 


3. Highlight the Details

The real story of your trip is going to be told through the small details and in-between moments, aka the way you capture the real character of a place. What little details really make up the spirit of the place you’re visiting? It might be the texture of the tiles in a restaurant, the unique presentation of food, the rickety old signs pointing to local landmarks… or anything else that may seem totally ordinary.

Photographing the small, seemingly mundane details will help you remember your unique experience of your trip, and will make your photos fun and interesting when you share them later. 


4. Capture the Human Element

When you’re traveling, it’s so amazing to spend time simply observing how immersing in a new culture can shift your view of the world. Photographing people as well as the beautiful sights you see will help you really capture the human element of your experience.

Always be sure that you’re respectful when photographing people, either asking for permission or discreetly capturing the human experience while you explore this new place.


5. Play with Lighting

As a photographer, light is your best friend! So use it to your creative advantage, and find ways to play with light in order to create unique effects in your photos. Find an angle where the sun hits your subject to highlight it in a new way or get up early and shoot as the sun rises to capture a moment that few will be able to replicate. Keep in mind that you can always go back and create amazing lighting effects when you edit your photos using the photo editor!


After you've captured all of your amazing travel photos, how will you tell your epic story?

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