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The Ultimate Tool To Cutout Photos And Replace Backgrounds

By Whitney | Advanced Photo Editing Photo Editor Tutorials

You’ve probably heard the term “Photoshop magic” before. It’s when someone uses Photoshop to swap backgrounds, paste in new objects and create images that are unrecognizable from their original. It can produce some pretty cool results, but Photoshop magic is no simple wizardry. It takes hours of photo retouching and painstaking attention to detail. But not anymore! With BeFunky’s Cutout tool, you can create the same kind of illusions without any of the meticulous photo editing or Photoshop experience.

how to replace photo background by BeFunky

Our Cutout tool lets you isolate objects, change backgrounds and manipulate all kinds of images in a few simple steps! Selfie game need improvement? Step it up and transport yourself from a boring bathroom to a tropical paradise. Did a friend miss out on a road trip? Add them into your photos and make them a part of the memory. Or, combine layers to create completely new images and enchant your viewers with some BeFunky magic!

How To Isolate Objects And Replace Backgrounds

When we said the Cutout tool can step up your selfie game, we weren’t kidding. Not only can you transport yourself to a tropical beach, but you can place yourself in any setting imaginable. Try making images of yourself walking on the moon, water or the highest mountain peaks. It’ll make for some pretty impressive photography, and the results will be totally believable. To get started, head to the Photo Editor and upload the photo you’d like to use as your background image. Then, open the Image Manager tab and upload the selfie or portrait you’d like to place on top of the background image. If you don’t yet have a background image, you can always use the Search Stock Photos button to search over a million free stock photos to use as a background.

how to use BeFunky Image Manager

With your background image on the canvas, click on the thumbnail of the image you’d like to add on top and select Add As Layer.

how to add image layer in BeFunky

This is where the magic happens. Select Cutout from the Image Properties menu that appears whenever your top layer is selected.

how to use the Cutout tool on image layers

The Cutout menu will appear to help you erase the background in your layer with ease. First, select a brush option that will work best for cutting out your object. Here’s a quick video to show you all of the brush options in action:

To erase the background of your layer, with your ideal brush selected (we’ve gone with Magic Brush for this one), make sure the Remove button is clicked. Selecting Remove will remove any area you paint over, while selecting Keep will keep the areas you paint over. Drag the brush around your object to begin erasing the background from the image layer.

how to erase photo backgrounds

Pro Tip:

If you accidentally erase an area you didn’t want to, press the Keep button and paint over the area to add it back in.

With your object perfectly outlined, choose the Paint brush and make sure the Remove button is selected, then paint over everything else in the background of the image layer to erase it. You’ll see your background image peek through as you paint.

how to erase part of an image layer in BeFunky

Now that you have removed the background of your image layer, click the blue checkmark to apply the edit. A new menu will appear to help you save your Cutout layer. Select Trim Transparency to remove any extra areas of transparency from around your isolated object. Select Export As Layer to add your cutout as a new layer and keep the original image layer intact. For this tutorial, we’ve kept the box for Export As Layer unchecked. Click the blue checkmark to navigate back to the canvas with your new layer created.

Cutout Options menu in BeFunky

Now that the background of your image layer has been completely erased, you can use the blue circles around it to resize and rotate the layer, and drag it around the background photo until it’s perfectly placed.

how to replace photo background

From here, you can click the Flatten Layers button to essentially glue the image layer down onto the background photo and continue your photo editing session if you wish. If you’re ready to save the photo, click the Save button at the top of the Photo Editor for save options.

how to flatten layers in BeFunky

Final Results

Using the Cutout tool is like creating a portal to a whole new world:  

how to remove background from photo

Ready to start creating some BeFunky magic? Use the Cutout tool to isolate objects, stack layers and make realistic-looking photo manipulations easier than ever!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified