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Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas

By Ani Hughes | Inspiration

Father's Day 2015 is quickly approaching and as department stores across the nation hurriedly prepare their sock and tie supplies, why not think outside the norm and prepare a more thoughtful, personal, homemade gift for the father figure(s) in your life?

I always joke that I was raised in the kitchen. My father is an incredible cook and many of my childhood memories involve peeking over the counter, helping him whip up something delicious, or standing close by as he grilled a hunk of well-marinated meat over charcoal on his classic Weber grill. He’s undoubtedly the reason I am the cook I am today. These days, we still get together and cook, but now I bring my own recipes and ideas to the table (or to the grill). One of the most gratifying experiences is when my dad compliments my recipes or takes inspiration from something I have made.


Me and my dad in 1990. I was 8, and clearly feeling very proud of our roast chicken. (I edited this photo in the BeFunky editor! This is the "Instant" frame--one of my favorites!)

This year I'm thanking him with a jar of my Peach Bourbon BBQ Sauce complete with a recipe card in case he wants to make a batch himself—and why wouldn't he? It's absolutely delicious!


There are countless free, editable recipe card templates on Pinterest. I found a simple design and using the BeFunky editor, I put my little touches on, filled in the ingredients and instructions, and printed it out with ease on cardstock. I chose to keep mine simple; I used Bellota font, and added two Father's day graphics.

Fathers Day recipe card 1

This gift is so special because it really ties together my childhood with the cook I’ve become as a result of my father's culinary influence. I also included my suggested use for the sauce on the card—it’s perfect on grilled chicken!


So, even if your dad isn't a grill-master, consider baking him a batch of his favorite cookies, a jar of sauce—BBQ, caramel, hot fudge, or any recipe that’s near and dear to your family—whip it up and include a personalized recipe card. This way you’ll be sure to make your dad's heart flutter and mouth water.


Me, my dad, and Magic, one of our Russian Wolfhounds. 1990. Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there.

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