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Case Study: How One Interior Designer Uses BeFunky to Bring Artistic Vision to Life

By Vanessa Poulson | Case Studies Inspiration

Courtney Turk has been passionate about interior design from an early age, often moving furniture and redecorating the new spaces she found herself in. After moving frequently in her childhood and experiencing a variety of different aesthetics and styles, she learned from the creative women around her (with her mother an artist and her aunt who ran an interior decor and organizing company) to have the confidence and skills to tackle her own hands-on creative projects. All of this culminated in a love for creating beautiful interior spaces for clients as part of her design business, Courtney Turk Interiors.

Courtney Turk interior
Courtney Turk interior
“The inspiration for a new project design usually comes from a key element in a client’s home. For example, we might take a fireplace that needs attention and build out from there. Once we have nailed down the key focal point in a room everything else starts to fall into place. I usually like to ask for artifacts or mementos in their home as well that they are attached to and it helps fuel the color palette and overall style of the space.”
Courtney Turk interior

With a nationally recognized and award-winning marketer husband, Courtney has capitalized on using social media and referrals to help build her business. Using these strategies, along with attending local fundraisers, events and social gatherings, she’s successfully been able to gain traction with clients, even while adapting throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically through eDesign services.

“A typical project at Courtney Turk Interiors ranges anywhere from a two to three room update. Projects usually involve new paint, furniture, lighting, decor items, and more. Since the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of my clients are turning to eDesign services as well.”
Courtney Turk interior

Using BeFunky’s Collage Maker, Courtney is able to easily create concepts for a room layout and design with ease. She starts by using the Create Your Own template in the Collage Maker, which allows her full creative range for her design boards. Then, she adds images of furniture and textures as layers onto the canvas and uses the Background Remover to cut out different elements. This way, she can work with layers of color, furniture and textures to create the best representation of the space for the client to see visually. Once she has all the layers and textures she needs, she’s able to rearrange them into a room design. 

“I loved the Cutout tool initially to remove any white space from an image, but the new one-click Background Remover has been a game changer! I also cannot live without the horizontal flip button and duplicate features, which I use on my image layers with nearly every project.”
Courtney Turk interior

With this in mind, Courtney has been able to tackle some intricate projects over the past year, including a three-story home renovation and decorating project. Balancing a new business and two young children full time was a huge undertaking. However, it provided Courtney an opportunity to learn how to efficiently manage a team of contractors, providing her with the experience and confidence for future projects. 

“My favorite thing about running my business is the sense of accomplishment everyday. I love being able to provide useful tips and help people who are avid readers of my blog while also being available for services to suit their specific needs. The best feeling is hearing someone say ‘I was reading your blog today’ It is like a pat on the back from the universe.”
Courtney Turk interior

Courtney will celebrate the first full year of her business on July 30th, 2020, and though this year has been a challenge, she’s confident in the future of her company and vision.

“I am a firm believer in the universe and believing in yourself. If you want something bad enough, you’ll achieve it. I am currently expanding my team with new decorators as business continues to grow, so we shall see where this next chapter takes us!”
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