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Get More Color Grading Control With the Color Mixer

By Rach DePaoli | Photo Editor Tutorials

Color grading refers to the color editing of your videos or photos that give them a complete stylistic aesthetic. We did a recent post showing how you can change the temperature of your image using the Color Grading Tool

Color grading can easily change the aesthetic of your imagery and can enhance the effect of the story you are trying to tell. While the Color Grading Tool in BeFunky’s Photo Editor is a powerful and simple solution to color grading, there is a tool that provides more control when color grading your images: this is the Color Mixer Tool.

The Science of RGB Color Theory

It is important to know that all images are comprised of Red, Green, and Blue. Red, Green, and Blue colors formed by light, mix together in different ways in order to produce all other visible colors. Don’t forget that cameras are simply a tool used to capture light. When color mixing an image, you are essentially manipulating the amount of Red, Green, and Blue that shows up in both the Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows. This is going to help you out when using the Color Mixer Tool.

How to Edit an Image With the Color Mixer Tool

Editing your images with the Color Mixer Tool is simple. We are going to show you the power of color mixing and its effect on the story of your image. Let’s start with a sunny, warm photo and turn it into a photo that looks post-apocalyptic. Open BeFunky’s Photo Editor to begin.

Step 1: Upload Your Image

Upload the image by selecting Open and then Computer at the top of your screen. You can also drag and drop the photo directly onto your canvas. We are going to select this photo of some old, worn-down cars.

color mixer save

Step 2: Use the Color Mixer Tool to Color Grade

Select the Edit tab in the left-hand menu and then scroll all the way to the bottom and select Color Mixer

color mixer tool

Once selected, you will see the Red, Green, and Blue color options that we discussed above. You are going to adjust the sliders in each of these categories in order to get the effect you want. We are going to adjust the Red to -46%, the Green to -12%, and the Blue to -46%. This means that there is more Green in the image and equal parts Red and Blue. 

color mixer apply

Sometimes it is helpful to have an example photo pulled up next to your internet window or on your phone in order to compare the color grade and get a close match – whether it is a scene from your favorite movie or it is someone’s photo that you follow.

color mixer before/after

Once you are finished color grading, you can adjust the Exposure using the Levels Tool, and then add Effects from the left-hand menu. We added in some Cinematic Effects like Film Grain and Chromatic Abboration to get the final look. You can see with the final image how the color grading completely changed the story direction of this image – that is the power of color grading.

color mixer after
color mixer before



Step 3: Save Your Color-Graded Image

When you are finished with your edits, head to the Save tab at the top of your screen and select Computer. Save your image as a JPG and then press Save.

color mixer save

Use the Color Mixer Tool to Have More Editing Power

The Color Mixer Tool is a great way to get more color grading control. Take a screenshot from your favorite movie and try recreating the color combination in the photo. You will be surprised what BeFunky’s Photo Editor and a few color grading edits can do for your images.

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