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How to Design a Brochure for Your Classroom

By Katie Acheff | Inspiration

If you work in any educational role, you know that getting creative comes with the territory. Whether that be creating supplementary materials for your students, or drafting an original lesson plan. You’ll want to make this process as easy as possible to give you more time to focus on what really matters - your teaching!

BeFunky’s Brochure Maker has you covered with a variety of pre-made templates to help you quickly create pro-looking graphics that are ready to be printed and shared with your class. Educational brochures are a fun and easy way to showcase materials with both imagery and text and get your students up to speed. These templates are completely customizable, and can easily be adjusted to suit your material, or saved as a project to change later when you’re working on something new.

How to Design an Educational Brochure

Follow along with our tutorial to see just how easy it is to set up an educational brochure for your classroom!

Step 1: Choose a Template

To get started, click here to head to the Brochure Maker. Find a template you like, and then click the Use This Template button to start working on it. 

choose a template

Step 2: Add Your Own Images

To get your images into BeFunky, start in the Image Manager. Here, you can upload files from your computer, drag and drop them into your Image Manager, or browse our massive Stock Image Library for more.

image manager

Step 3: Customize the Layout

First, you may want to change the background color or that of the pre-existing graphics. To change the background color, head to the Customize tab and click on the top left color swatch.

To change the color of a pre-existing graphic, simply click on it once and the Graphics Properties menu will appear. From here, you can change the color completely with an overlay, or just add a tint to make a subtle change.


Now, let's add some graphics that are more on-theme. Head to the Graphics tab and either upload your own or use the Graphic Library to search tens of thousands of pre-loaded graphics. Then, you can either double-click or drag and drop your graphics onto the canvas. 

graphic library

For most graphics, you'll also have the option to change the colors, layer an overlay or tint, or even add a drop shadow.

graphic properties menu

Step 4: Add Original Text

Click on any text currently on the template to start editing. You'll notice the Text Properties menu pop up, with which you can change fonts, colors, size, and other styling options. You can also head to the Text tab to add more text boxes.

change text

Step 5: Save Your Brochure As a PDF

Once you have the brochure set up the way you’d like it, head over to the Save menu and save your work to the desired location. 

save as pdf print

For a brochure that will be printed, you’ll want to save it as a PDF and select Print quality when prompted.

You may also want to save an extra copy of your brochure as a project. This will save a fully editable version with all of its layers intact – in case you want to change or update it with different subjects later!

Step 6: Do It All Over Again!

If you're doing a double-sided brochure, start back at the beginning and choose the corresponding brochure template (for the front or back, whichever you haven't done yet). Then, go through the same steps outlined above to complete your brochure.

Design Your Own Classroom Brochures

For any kind of educator, having easy-to-customize brochure templates for the classroom can be an invaluable asset. Whether you’re doing a special feature on science, learning about United States history, or making math as fun as it can be, BeFunky’s got you covered with completely unique, pre-made templates ready to go. You could even use them for arranging classroom procedures or etiquette, daily schedules, and more. To get started, head over to BeFunky’s Brochure Maker.

all about bees final
classroom brochure before



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