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Create Quick And Easy Timeless Treasures

By Christopher Schmidt | Inspiration

Perfect family photos don't have to come at the hands of a professional. Heck, they don't have to come from a studio or even require prohibitively expensive equipment if you know what you're doing. It all starts with a simple opportunity, the push of a button and an excellent Photo Editor.

Lasting family memories, especially those involving children, often begin with unwilling subjects, a profound lack of cooperation and, yes, frustration. With patience and practice you may overcome the elements, though, to capture an image really worth savoring.

Treating every moment as a photo opportunity may wear on your family, so strike a fitting balance by capturing images regularly, but without compulsive disruption. Be content with those ops from which your friends, family, and specifically your children do not intentionally flee and see below just how easy it is to turn a simple photo into something really wonderful.

1. Capturing the Moment


This particularly fortunate photo op came in a rare moment of stillness among feisty friends. The picture itself belongs of every adoring mother's scrapbook. With BeFunky and a very little effort, below you'll see how to make it mantle worthy.

The first key is getting your little darlings to hold still. If you have any influence over them at all, you may even be able to get them to face the camera. If you are feeling truly ambitious, see if you can invoke a natural-looking smile. During the photographic process, expect a fair level of pinching, poking, complaining about universal unfairness and tears: these last may be as much yours as the children's.

Snap an excess of images. The more you capture, the better your chance of success. Whenever possible, try to work visually impressive elements into your shot, including framing, color and lighting. This can prove difficult if your subject is particularly resistant and fast-moving, but don't let less-than-ideal conditions discourage you from shooting. You can fix pretty much anything in post production.

2. Make Memories That Last

Once you have an acceptable slate, let the BeFunky Photo Editor help you turn it into a masterpiece. A quick pass through the editor, a few simple clicks with the super user-friendly image tools, and each brief moment in time suddenly becomes a family heirloom.

Sharpen your images instantly in the Edit tab. Then explore and experiment with the numerous features. Whether your photo demands a dramatic makeover or simply subtle assistance, BeFunky's got you covered.


To give our boys of summer image a nostalgic twist we applied a couple overlays from within BeFunky's many glorious Effects. Combining Chromatic 1 and Cross Process 1 gave us a nice old-fashioned sepia feel, while setting the guys apart from the background just so. You can experiment to get your ideal amount of color and coverage by adjusting the Effect Amount and other levels.

A touch of the Picture 6 Texture added the perfect finishing accent. And just like that, a chance gathering between good buddies becomes a fond, timeless memory. The original photo looked nice taped to mom's refrigerator but this version, in an antique-style frame, would perfectly compliment the family's wall of treasured moments.

boys fin

Create your own history, then let BeFunky help you make it last.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified