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Brian Hodgdon / Dad, Band Manager

By Derric | Case Studies

Brian is an executive at one of the largest IT companies on the planet. He is devoted to his family and uses BeFunky to promote his son Ian's music band.

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- At night you’ll find me along side my incredible wife encouraging each of our four wonderful kids in the pursuit of their respective passions. For my oldest, Ian, that’s music. In Ian’s case, I’m usually setting up gigs, carting around equipment or coming up with new ways to promote the band RadioUnion.

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- Whatever I end up doing, I usually have a camera close by to snap shots of their gigs. BeFunky helps me make the most of my photographs. With BeFunky, I can take an average photo and quickly make it exceptional.

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- With a few mouse clicks, I can generate a quality image that would otherwise take hours to craft. The wide array of effects provides instant creativity and the online galleries provide constant inspiration.

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Photo Editing. Simplified