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The Runaways and Michael Nichols

By Derric | Case Studies

Are you a fan of Joan Jett, one of the founders of the all-girl teenage rock band The Runaways? Here is someone you're going to envy: Michael Nichols. He started Joan Jett's fan club in 1985 and became friends with her over the years. He has seen her in concerts 143 times during the time.

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- I know that sounds crazy, but she tours constantly and that number is since 1982, so that's almost 30 years.

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See those photos? Now I feel real cool because "I know someone who knows someone famous" :)

Now Michael is the proud owner of Music Atlanta Entertainment, Atlanta's 5-Star Kudzu-Rated DJ/Photography service and he is a Segment Coordinator with In-House Productions, an entertainment television production company.

- BeFunky is my favorite site on the web for professional creations and personal creative outlet. I use the stills mixed with video to design promotional montages for my business and people LOVE the creativity.

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- In terms of photography, I am very fond of live shots and rendered portraits. I like to add something special to my shots give them a "kick" and create a new and exciting piece of art in the process. It is very much art in addition to photography. People are seeing photography as an art form, but digital rendering is an art form in itself. BeFunky lets you add a professional look to something that may have been plain.

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- BeFunky gives you total creative freedom to design and create logos and images to promote your business, whatever that may be. You can create some amazing eye-catching stuff and once you get into it, you can’t stop.

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