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Designing Impactful Ads With The Banner Maker

By Melanie Doncas | Designer Tutorials

Whether they're a square, rectangle, leaderboard or skyscraper - no one can deny the fact that banner ads are prime real estate on websites. Some companies have even been known to pay large amounts of money in order to secure themselves an eye-catching spot. Thankfully, with the help of BeFunky's Designer, you can create effective ads for your website for free! All it takes is a few quick, easy clicks of your mouse.

Why Create Banner Ads?

In an increasingly digital world, it's now more important than ever to capture your viewer's attention (and keep it) within just a few seconds. And while content might be king, a banner ad that is beautifully designed can deliver a quick and effective message that’ll leave a huge impression on your viewers. Similar to a T.V. commercial or an advertisement in your local newspaper, their goal is to turn your target audience into a consumer of your product of service. With BeFunky’s Banner Maker, you’ll be able to design ads so irresistible, your viewers will just have to click on them to learn more!

BeFunky Ad Templates, the Whim Online Magazine Way

Designing ads for your business is incredibly important. For my website WhimMagazine.com, I often create banner ads in a variety of sizes and styles to advertise competitions we're currently running, to direct traffic to an affiliate promotion or to showcase our Etsy store's latest products. When Whim has a particularly big event, sale or competition to showcase, we find that placing two different banner ads (such as one in the leaderboard position and another as a skyscraper in our sidebar) is most effective. We also found that by mixing up images, colors and text in these ads, the chance of attracting our viewer’s gaze (and getting them to click through!) greatly increases.

But despite Whim's very specific niche, I've found that the BeFunky's Small Business design templates cater towards any aesthetic. Using them has been vital to Whim Online Magazine’s promotions and content marketing!

Every Ad You Could Want at Your Fingertips

To start creating your own ads, head on over to the Designer and click on Small Business. Here you have multiple ad options, including Facebook Ads, Wide Skyscrapers, Leaderboards, Medium Rectangles and Large Rectangles. Each of these categories offer an array of pre-made templates that you can easily personalize to create an effective ad of your own. Just click on your desired template to get started!

How to create ads with BeFunky

If your company wants to advertise an upcoming summer sale, there’s an ad template for that. Running a giveaway, hosting a charity event or simply want to showcase your products or services? The BeFunky Designer has an ad template for all of those, and so much more!

Facebook Ads

Advertisements designed for Facebook are 1200 pixels wide by 627 pixels tall and work best in landscape orientation. As indicated by the category name, these templates are ideal Facebook, however they also serve as a great size for a website ads, a blog’s homepage slider or introductory image.

Effortless banner design from BeFunky

Pro Tip: Facebook ads offer specific targeting options, so you can make sure your ad is being seen by the right audience.

Wide Skyscrapers

These templates measure 160 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall, hence the name skyscrapers! They’re ideal for placing in a blog or on website sidebars, and because of their length, can be very eye-catching. Skyscrapers are also great for advertisements which contain more text or larger images, as their size allows you to fit it all in.

Using BeFunky

Pro Tip: Even though skyscraper ads offer more room, be careful not to overclutter your ad. When it comes to advertising, sometimes less is more!


BeFunky's Leaderboard advertisement templates measure 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall and are usually seen at the very top of a webpage. Due to their prime position, they are often the first thing that will capture your audience’s attention. This makes them ideal for sales, competitions, giveaways and anything else that requires immediacy and a deadline for the viewer to act.

File, Advertisement, Poster

Pro Tip: First impressions are important. Make sure to carefully choose your message and image for BeFunky's Leaderboard ads.

Medium Rectangles

These templates measure 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall and work well when placed in wider sidebars, or even within blog posts.

Medium Rectangle

Pro Tip: Rectangle ads are placed mid-blog post, offering a great way to grab the attention of your most engaged audiences.

Large Rectangles

The Large Rectangle templates measure 336 pixels wide by 280 pixels tall, making them slightly bigger than the Medium Rectangles. These templates are fantastic for placing within blog posts, Instagram (thanks to their new rectangular image option!) and Twitter.

Banner design from BeFunky

Pro Tip: Headlines for your ads should be short, but your audience should be able to tell what your product or service is at a glance.

Ready to create some eye-catching and engaging ads for your own website or social media? BeFunky's Banner Maker templates will help you create effective ads that'll give your business a boost!

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