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6 Amazing Photo Backdrops You Can Find Everywhere

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

For many, photography is all about capturing their subject in the best light. However, you shouldn’t underestimate how the perfect background can make your subject pop and compliment your entire photo.

If you’re struggling to find a stunning background for your next photo, don’t fret. The world around you is brimming with the perfect scene to capture. You just need to know where to look!

Here are five amazing photo backgrounds you should consider the next time you reach for your camera.

1. Brick Walls

Bricks are one of the most widely used building products, so you’re sure to find a brick wall fairly quickly in your travels. The great thing about brick walls is that they come in a variety of colors and styles too, so it’s easy to mix up your background to match the subject you’re capturing.

Opt for brightly colored bricks for an eye-catching result, or brown bricks for something more traditional. A white brick wall, on the other hand, can provide your photo with a subtle amount of texture to add intrigue.

background brick wall

2. Greenery

If a wall covered in greenery is more your thing, then you needn’t look too far for one of these either. Plant-covered walls can be found (quite literally) in your own backyard. Look for trawling vines, overhanging vegetation, and even tall hedges—all of which can infuse your photography with some much-needed nature.

An all-green background like this is perfectly offset with bold colors and patterns. For an extra pop of color, look for greenery walls containing flowers or other vibrant flora.

greenery background

3. Snowy Trees

For a frosty photoshoot, nothing quite says winter like snow-covered trees. Not only does it provide a stark white background with a twist, but it can also add scale to your subject. For a more interesting perspective, consider taking your photo from down low with your camera pointing upwards at your subject, for example. The more snow and sprawling branches you can get in, the better!

Alternatively, featuring snowy trees up-close in your background still allows your subject to take center stage, while enhancing the context and mood of the photo. 

snowy background

4. Street Art

You only need to head to the city to discover graffiti scrawled across so many surfaces. If in doubt, go to an alleyway or underground subway and look for street art—particularly designs which are colorful, quirky, or eye-catching. 

A rise in the popularity of street art is seeing murals commissioned more often. Building walls are being transformed into works of modern art, while serving as artistic and edgy backgrounds for your portraits!

street art background

5. Neon Lights

Even if a trip to Las Vegas isn’t on the cards, you can still find vibrant neon lights to serve as the perfect background to your photos. Restaurants, bars, and boutiques frequently feature neon lighting as part of their decor, so head to the city to try your luck.

If in doubt, you can also purchase your own neon lighting to adorn your home or studio. The colorful shine of neon lighting can add a vibrant glow to your subject, while offering a brilliant contrast between background and foreground.

neon light background

The Perfect Background is Everywhere

Next time you’re brainstorming the ideal background for your photo, consider the intriguing scenes that the world around you already has to offer, such as those we mentioned above.

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