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6 Amazing Photo Backdrops You Can Find Everywhere!

By Stephanie Mills | Inspiration

While there's no denying the beauty of the beach at sunset or rolling hills of green grass as a backdrop for photos, there are lots of other places to achieve a unique and alluring background. Here's a few places you may have previously overlooked:

1) Buildings With Peeling Paint

The texture of peeling paint often adds to the feel of the photograph. Many professional studio photographers pay good money to have a peeling paint backdrop! You can achieve the same effects by finding the side of an old building and using pops of color to play off the dull, flaking paint.

2) Graffiti

While some people may feel graffiti detracts from the beauty of an area, the vibrant colors often add a splash of creativity to photographs. Try finding some lively and animated words and place your subject against the rich color. The viewers eye will be drawn right in.

3) A Brick Wall Or Chimney

The bold red, and often imperfections of brick walls add to the visual appeal.

4) Tall, Tall Trees In Winter

Trees may seem like a common backdrop, but trees, especially in the winter with their bare branches can be a beautiful way to make your subject pop! Placing your subject close to the bottom of the trees while crouching down and taking a photograph will give the viewer a lot to take in. The stark, spindly branches create a fun, twisty setting for your picture.

5) Walls Of Ivy

The green plant which coils its way around fences and chimneys is often a nuisance for homeowners but can provide an attractive background for portraits. The green ivy creates an even "blanket" in which to pose the subject in front of. Try having your subject wear a eye-catching outfit of a complimentary color, or a lighter tone of green to highlight the juxtaposition.

6) Rusty, Old Stuff

Maybe it's your local, favorite consignment shop or a relative's old barn but having some old artifacts in the background can really help create a unique look. Combining old and new makes for a winning combo.
In short, amazing backdrops are everywhere you look. Even if you don't have access to a giant barn full of vintage cars or the foliage around you right now is lush, think about simple backdrops everyone is privy to- mirrors, window light, a funky wallpaper, wrapping paper taped to a wall or curtains.

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