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Are You Missing Out On The Branding Power Of Facebook Fan Pages?

By Lori Hil | Inspiration

With 1.49 billion monthly, active users Facebook is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to sharing your business. You have your website up and running. Congrats that is no easy feat. But, how do you leverage the power of that Facebook Fan Page, with your website, while staying true to the visual consistency of your brand?

Let us count the ways as there are a few…

Facebook Cover Photo

This is the first thing your viewers and potential clients will notice, so here is a huge opportunity to make an impact. That does not mean fit everything you possibly can into this 851px by 315px space. Sometimes there is power in simplicity. A logo with a clever picture can draw fans in.

You want viewers to be able to identify your product, service, or company easily. Thank about your mission statement, your message, what you want to convey. Look at the homepage on your website and see what stands out. Keep to that look for consistency by using the same colors and fonts.

Let’s pretend that we have a vacation or travel agency. We want to create an easy going feel that brings relaxation and makes people want to book a getaway asap!

Opening up the BeFunky Designer, we can choose Templates-> Social Media Headers-> Facebook, and now we have our Facebook Cover Template perfectly sized.

Social Media Facebook Header

You can upload your own background photo or use the built-in Pixabay feature to find the perfect stock photo. Then add the text or logo of your choice. Remember that the profile picture will take up space on the left side, so adjust your design accordingly if you have a lot of text.

Just Breathe Facebook Cover

I chose a beach stock photo, added our pretend company’s name “Just Breathe Vacations,” a tag line “Summer is Ready When You Are,” and a Call to Action for viewers to “LIKE” the page. Text is to the left but high enough to leave room for the…

Profile Picture

The avatar area for your profile picture is a great place to show off your brand’s logo. Make sure it matches the colors, fonts, and theme you have chosen. You may need to adjust your logo to show up clearly as the avatar box is only 160px by 160px.

Just Breathe Facebook Cover Sizes

Now on to…

Timeline Graphics

Another way to brand your Facebook page to your website is with custom graphic images. You can create graphic templates that can be customized later. Go back in and add inspirational quotes, client testimonials, or statistics. Below, we have kept with that summer/vacation feel.

The fonts are the same across all three images, but I changed the text and picture between each. You will also want to add your logo to the corner, so each picture is branded to you. Audiences love quote pictures and now you will have your own to share and get shared!

Vacation Facebook Graphics

The BeFunky Designer makes it easy. Just choose Templates -> Social Media Graphics -> Facebook!

Your Facebook Fan Page is Going to Look Fabulous!

Graphic Design, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified