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8 Summer Hair Trends to Try

By Whitney | Inspiration

This summer, I decided to do something totally different with my hair. After having the same length and color for as long as I can remember, I was yearning for something new. So I chopped it off into a chic curly bob and I’ve been basking in the compliments ever since. Short hair, don’t care!

Maybe you’re in the same boat as I was before changed up my locks - bored with the same old length and color. Maybe you're simply in need of some styling inspiration. Whatever your hair woes, here are 8 summer hair trends to for you to try (or envy). Not only can I touch up my favorite photos with the BeFunky online photo editor (hello, extra luscious brightness and color!), but I can also cruise through the Explore gallery whenever I'm in need of inspiration, too. Win-win!

1. The Colorful Ombre. This two-toned dye technique has been in for awhile, but recently I have been seeing them in more vibrant colors! For this summer look, the color range goes from subtle to shocking.


2. Beach Waves. A classic summertime look. You might be blessed with hair that responds to saltwater and ocean air with glorious, natural waves. Or if you’re like me, you’ve got to work at it a little bit. Thank heavens for beach wave products and styling tools!


3. Braids. Thanks to Katniss Everdeen, the cascading braid came back full circle. There are so many creative takes on the classic braid.

The French Braid:


The Fishtail Braid:


The Diagonal Braid:


The Double Fishtail Braid:


4. The Messy Bun. This is my go-to summer look. It keeps me cool in the heat, it’s effortless, and it looks cute on everybody.


5. The Bowtie Bun. It’s a step up from the messy bun because it requires more time and talent. But it’s also so creative!


6. Flower Crowns. They’re here to stay. The best thing about them is they can be worn as a dressed-up look or a completely casual one. Also, how cool is her hair color?!


7. Au Natural. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of women embracing their natural frizz. It looks downright freeing and good - like you’ve got the best bedhead ever.


And finally..

8. Chop It! This is the “short hair, don’t care” look that inspired the initial change to my locks. The short or long bob ("the lob") can be classic, chic, or tomboy all in the same day. And with BeFunky on my side, I know I'm always looking like my most fabulous self - hoorah!


Try a new 'do this summer or just be inspired! ????

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