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50 Funky Shades of PINK With Kitten Kay Sera

By Whitney | Case Studies

Kitten Kay Sera is a pink passionista. Not only has her entire wardrobe been pink for the last 35 years, but her entire life is pink. Even her dog, Miss Kisses, sports pink fur hand-dyed with beet juice. She has become well-known as The Pink Lady of Hollywood for her dedication to her favorite color. So why pink?

“I just adore the color. It really does something to my spirit and my soul that is kind of hard to describe. I will not wear any other color.”

Recently, Kitten was honored at LA Fashion Week, not because of her ability to make a fashion statement, but because of her ability to make a fashion exclamation mark. Her pink lifestyle goes beyond fashion though, The Pink Lady of Hollywood is also a TV personality, actress, and recording artist. She’s been featured on My Crazy Obsession, Good Morning America, Dog Whisperer, and Anderson Cooper (to name just a few). Her latest music single, “Sex Kitten” features 20-time Grammy Winning Artist Beyoncé. Yes, you read that right. As in Queen Bey. So what’s next?

“I'm working on a self portrait documentary which will also include other people who are Monochromatics (which is a term I use to describe others like myself who devote their lives to one color). I would love to find these select few who ONLY wear one color. I find it fascinating.”
Kitten with her friend and music video costar, Jordan Capella

We find it fascinating, too. And so do her many adoring fans. The documentary that Kitten is actively in the works with Netflix on is not the end-all. She’s also working on more music, mini-movies, and a children’s book. Talk about productivity. To make promotional materials, Kitten uses the BeFunky Graphic Designer.

“I actually used the BeFunky Designer to design my new business cards. They look purrrfect and I get loads of compliments on them. Truthfully, I am not a tech-savvy person so I don't do Photoshop or any of that but I CAN figure BeFunky out and I am thrilled about that! Pinky promise. I also used it to make a meme which ended up being shared all over Facebook!”

For on-the-go edits, The Pink Lady of Hollywood looks no further than the BeFunky Mobile App, which was recommended by a friend. Looking at her Instagram profile is like having a pink daydream. Every picture is pink-themed, and if not, Kitten Kay Sera lights up a less-than-pink photo with her beautiful pink essence. Her ultimate goal as the Pink Lady of Hollywood?

“To always be tickled pink ! I want to succeed but I also want to have FUN doing it! Just remember to stop and smell the pink roses along the way.”

Want more of The Pink Lady of Hollywood? So do we. Check out updates on her many talented projects here. And to create brilliant photos and promotional materials like a true champion, use what the Pink Lady prefers:

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified