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Fashion Inspiration For Your NYE #OOTD

By Whitney | Inspiration

It’s almost time to ring in the new year, and if you’ve got NYE party plans, this is your last chance to pull of an epic #OOTD in 2015. I’m not normally a fashionista, but on New Year’s Eve I really like to shine. It’s one of the only days of the year you can wear sequins head to toe and no one would blink an eye. You can go bold or casual and everything in between (but come on, you know you want to go all out!).

So if you’re stuck in a fashion rut and you want to bust out in style this NYE, let me show you some outfits that have been inspiring me—found in the lovely BeFunky Explore Gallery, of course! When you snap pics of your own New Year's OOTD, you're going to need the BeFunky Mobile App for instant edits. Especially if you want to upload all the magic to social media as it's happening. Here are some of my favorite NYE looks:


Class and sass combined. And super festive for the New Year.



Put a classic spin on New Years with a Gatsby-inspired dress.


Two-Piece Look:

T Swift inspired the two-piece outfit in 2015 and it’s not going away any time soon. It’s all about the upper midriff, though. Showing your belly button is so 1999.


Sparkly Accents:

Adding a hint of sparkle will dress up any old thing:



Even though Christmas has come and gone, red is still an appropriate color to rock (plus it’s always a showstopper). There's a reason why people have written songs about ladies in red for decades.


Red makes for a great accent color too.


Feeling inspired to rock one of these New Year's Eve looks? Remember to snap some photos of your last OOTD of the year. And before you upload them to social media, be sure to make some quick edits with the BeFunky Mobile App. The stunning on-the-go edits will make you look as fabulous as you feel:

Photo Editing. Simplified