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Animate Photos & Videos In Real-Time With Visionn

By Derric | What’s New

For years you've been asking us to bring our one-of-a-kind Artsy effects to our mobile app...

Today is the day you don't have to ask anymore.

Please join us in welcoming Visionn to BeFunky's product lineup. Visionn is a revolutionary new iOS app (get it here) that uses your camera to animate moments as they're happening. It puts 10 unique artistic effects in the palm of your hand, from graphic novel-esque animation, to our Cartoonizer®, sketch, and more! The best part of Visionn is that the effects are previewed and applied in real time all without the use of data or wifi. Yes, you heard me correctly, I said REAL-TIME! That means you'll never be left waiting to see the final product, in fact you can even instantly preview the effects on photos and videos from your camera roll.

So in short, it's fast. Amazingly fast.

History of Visionn

The original idea for Visionn started as a web app called the Video Cartoonizer. We debuted it in 2007 at the very first Tech Crunch 40 (now TC Disrupt), and made a big enough splash that we made it to the final 4o and Tech Crunch asked us to animate videos for a project called 'Elevator Pitches'. Soon after out debut, photography saw explosive growth which led us to shift our focus to photo editing, so we took the Video Cartoonizer’s artistic effects, applied them to photography and launched BeFunky's Photo Editor. For the next decade we continued to refine our artistic effects and develop new filters to keep everyone coming back for more... And boy did they! Currently, over 30 million people are using BeFunky worldwide, many come to us specifically for our unique artistic effects. It's these effects that make up the foundation of Visionn, and now that video is seeing a rise in popularity and accessability, it's time to bring these artistic effects to the palm of your hand. #MyLifeAnimated


Animate Moments as They Happen

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