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Turn Your Road Trip Photos Into Epic Postcards

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

There is an immediate reaction that happens when you see the word “Wanderlust.” A montage of images flip through the mind of people in decked-out rigs, windows down, traveling ever-so-freely to extravagant or remote places. There is something so enticing about this lifestyle and why it is so easy to document. Everything that is done while traveling can be photographed: from airports to grandiose landscapes, outfits of the day to something as simple as your daily travel essentials.

Because of the popularity of social media, as well as our smartphones having such amazing cameras, documenting your travels has become easier than ever. But, what often happens is that these photos get lost in your camera roll, never to see the light of day. Either that or you see them once a year when your phone reminds you of the anniversary the photo was taken. It’s time to use your travel photos and there is no better way to do it than by turning them into your very own postcards.

Travel postcards have been sent in the mail to loved ones for decades. It is not only a fun way to receive a gift, but it shows your friends something special about your trip while also letting you document your experience at that place in detail. With BeFunky’s Postcard Maker, you can turn your own travel photos into postcards to send to your friends!

How to Choose Photos for Your Custom Postcard

Photos can be in either portrait or landscape orientation. This is the same for your postcard. Take a look at the examples to see the multiple orientations that you can achieve on a postcard. If you want to share multiple images, layer them or add more photos to the back of your postcard. All you have to do is make sure that your postcard is the correct size of 6x4 and you’re ready to start!

Showcase a Popular Monument

Monuments are important, historical pieces. Not only are they recognizable, but depending on what part of the world you are in, some monuments are truly a sight to behold. Snap a photo of a statue, a temple in Taiwan, or an incredible architectural feat in Rome! 

monument postcards

Get creative with your images. Don’t just snap a straight-on photo of the monument. Find another angle. Take the photo from a lower or higher vantage point. 

Snap Your Favorite View

A great way to share your experience is to show your family or friends your favorite landscape or view from your trip. This allows them to see exactly what you saw as if they were there with you.

favorite view postcard

Add some depth of field to your image by allowing a secondary subject to be in the foreground of the image. 

Document a Day of Travel

Outfits, endless coffee, plane windows, open roads, and mode of transportation. There are so many ways to capture a day of travel. Are you riding motorcycles or Vespas? Taking the train? Getting on a plane? Find a view that shows your transportation or an important part of your travel day. This way, you can write about your excitement or what your travel plans are once you arrive at the place you are going. 

view example

Once you arrive, you can send another postcard about one of the places on your travel itinerary. This way, your friend or family can follow along throughout your journey!

Take a Creative Selfie

Whether you use your arm, a reflection, or a drone-take a selfie to show yourself on your journey! You can even layer your images on top of one another to show multiple images or environments on a single postcard. 

If you aren’t a big writer and would rather write a small note, try adding photos to the back of your postcard as well. It gives you a chance to share more of your photos and less of your words.

unique selfie postcard

Pay Attention to Detail

Get up close and personal with what you are shooting. Look in unexpected places. Try to capture how the light is landing on certain objects. Take some macro shots. If you are visiting friends, take photos of them and write to your loved ones about who they are and what they are doing. 


If all else fails, find some foliage like plants or flowers and send a different kind of bouquet to your loved one!

Create One-of-a-Kind Travel Postcards

With so many photos stored in your phone, select the ones that you would love to share and send them to a loved one with a fun travel story to go along with it. Aside from sending these postcards to others, you can also send them to yourself to document your travels and have something waiting at home when you return. You can make your postcards with BeFunky’s Designer or use the templates in the Postcard Maker.

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