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Turn Your Road Trip Pics into Epic Postcards

By Rob LeRoy | Inspiration

Road trips are among the greatest of American traditions, coming in a close second to morbid obesity, but slightly ahead of pathological narcissism. I grew up reading Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson, dreaming of one day writing my own version of the Great American Road Trip. As it happens, I am currently sitting shotgun in an aging silver Acura RL, speeding away from the setting sun toward the bright lights and heat-stroked streets of Las Vegas, preparing myself for a full frontal assault of absurdity and excess. And that’s just during the drive. But I’ve got a deadline tomorrow, and by god I’m going to meet it. So I’m pushing on through this wretched headache and nausea, induced by trying to type in a moving car, with a little help from the gallon jug of Fireball I picked up back in Sacramento, and some “back pills” I found stashed amongst the crumpled receipts, tobacco flakes and residual sand that have collected in the bottom of my backpack. The Fireball is going down like hot razorblades in this 100 degree heat, but there’s no other option. Except maybe the Jameson, but I don’t think I can reach that.

We’ve been on the road for 4 days now, almost 1000 sweaty miles from Portland, stopping frequently along the way to snap pics of everything from cultural landmarks, to scenic vistas, seedy desert watering holes and brightly festooned hotel wedding guests. Photography is probably my favorite part of the road trip experience, aside maybe from getting to drink in exotic and unfamiliar bars.  And now, with the BeFunky mobile and web apps, I can take my already awesome road pics and turn them into, let's say, art.

Like many travelers, I’m a big fan of collecting postcards during my road trips. I especially like the cheesy old ones with phrases like “Welcome to sunny Barstow, CA” or “Las Vegas - Come for the gambling, stay for the probation!” With BeFunky, I can quickly and easily make my own versions of these for my Facebook and Instagram posts. I can even get them printed as actual postcards, at some point, to send to my friends and any law enforcement officers I’ve met on the road. It’s a lot of fun, and the people who actually have to work for a living appreciate the distraction.

Here's one I edited with the BeFunky online photo editor. It was the first shot I took on the trip, back in Oregon.

2015-06-24 12.27.45

With a little Chromatic 1 effect, some clever text in Sign Painter font with custom color, a cool frame from the Instant collection, a touch of brightening, and voila!

BeFunky drive in (1)

Here's one I edited with the BeFunky iPhone app. This was a pool in Sacramento. Or maybe Modesto. I don't really know. It has been over 100 degrees all week, and my system just isn't completely functional, at this point. So anyway... The pool. Looks ok. Could be better.

2015-06-29 13.49.34

So with a little cropping, the Viewfinder 2 effect, some incredibly witty text in Luckiest Guy font (slightly enlarged with about 85% opacity) and BOOM! Art!

2015-06-29 13.54.56

I have a bunch more of these, but I'm out of time and space. And whiskey. No, just kidding about the whiskey. I'm in VEGAS!!!

Photo Editing. Simplified