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How Little Sprout Design Grows Her Etsy Business

By Whitney | Case Studies

Tina Sloss comes from an insanely creative family. Painting, jewelry design, metal sculpturing, sewing, and graphic design are just a few of the talents she has been influenced by from childhood. Her grandmother, who owned a bridal shop and is skilled with a needle and thread, taught Sloss how to sew. So when she discovered a need for fun, customized ready-to-wear clothing in the children’s market, her sewing skills and artistic background came in handy and she established her own company, Little Sprout Design.

“Growing up, I always wanted to stand out and choose clothing that would make statements for my personality. I never thought that I would be designing and creating children's clothes until after I had my own children. I love bright colors and fun prints and wanted to incorporate that into my own children's clothes.”
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Sloss is self-taught, learning all she knows from sewing blogs, YouTube, and hours upon hours of practice. Her designs are captivating and have earned her features on online sources like Jane.com and Heartsy, to name a few. She now owns and operates her own Etsy store for Little Sprout Designs, and has big dreams of one day opening her own studio to interact with her customers while creating stunning designs and custom orders. For now, every piece of clothing she creates is perfectly displayed online using the editing magic of the BeFunky Mobile App.

“Editing with BeFunky has greatly helped take my business to the next level by being able to showcase my designs. I realized early on that selling online is really dependent on how you present your items and BeFunky has helped me greatly with that. I can quickly add brightness, fill light, and beautify to get the most accurate coloring. I also use the text feature to add my shop name.”
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Since Sloss takes pictures of her designs with her phone, the Mobile App has been key for her to quickly edit and upload her work to Etsy and social media platforms. She adds her signature watermark to each photo by using Pacifico font in the text feature. For designing the look and feel of her Etsy store, she looks to the BeFunky Designer Toolset. After discovering the small business templates and tools in the Designer, Sloss has been able to easily create her own Etsy store banner, business cards, and more.

“I really love the graphic designer. All the templates are nicely done, and there is enough variety to cater to the needs of any business. I have a hard time with creating a design from scratch and the pre-made templates really help give me an idea of what I want and make it simple to create something stunning.”

In her experience with online retailing and small business ownership, Tina Sloss has learned a thing or two about effective product photography. Her words of advice to other small business owners?

“The simplest pictures are the best pictures. What you make should be the highlight of the picture, you don't need a fancy display or extra props that aren't necessary. You also don't need the top of the line photography equipment. With how well BeFunky edits pictures, I have all the tools I need to achieve the look I want when selling my items. It has greatly helped my small business grow!”
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